An update on award booking AF flights call Asia?!?

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As I blogged about before & received both unofficial and official notice of from Delta company people, there continues to be a “bug”, well one of many, in the Delta Award booking software. Thanks to readers at FlyerTalk there seems to be a work-a-round but you have to call the Asian Delta booking center during open hours to get what you want as you can see by this post HERE.

The phone number for the center is 011-852-2810-4288 from the USA. I would use SKYPE if you don’t want to pay international calling fees!

So for now, if you want to find seats in low level business on Air France with Delta Skymiles, this will be the only way as the Delta reps in the USA’s computers still show ZERO seats. Some are speculating this an intentional attempt by Delta to limit award seats. I in no way feel this is the case, but it is just another example of how very broken the Delta software is to book award seats! – Rene

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  1. Do you REALLY believe this is not intentional, if it was not intentional why would it take so long to get the situation resolved…we are not talking about some mom and pop operation that has limited resources…come on Rene, I think your credibility is on the line if you really believe this Delta nonsense…”we are working on it”

  2. @Idaho – this is not Delta style. If they had wanted to change they just would have. IMO the fact that you can still book via Asia also shows how bad the IT system is. Don’t get me wrong, I think MAJOR changes are on the way for Skymiles and not in a good way. I will soon post about booking as much as we can before September leaked date. – Rene

  3. FYI, I called the Singapore Delta office a couple of hours ago (within the operating hours), and had them check biz non-stop LAX to AMS for almost the entire month of July, both ways, and they did not find anything. They found coach on 1 day, 1 way. Maybe the work around in Asia is closed, maybe they’re not releasing seats since it’s peak travel time, I have no idea.

  4. @Keyser Soze: There’s almost never business award inventory on the LAX-AMS non-stop, and July is going to be peak season for it. The Asia workaround is definitely not closed, as I just called and processed a SWU from Premium Economy into Business on Air France.

  5. @MTKeller – thanks for update. I am getting the same feedback from many that it is working fine to call. There are some strange results on the web site I will blog about soon that show progress to fixing the “bug” soon. – Rene

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