Just what will get you arrested on/off a plane? Not so funny anymore!

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Mental illness is nothing to laugh about when it happens to someone you know or love. We may snicker over the recent AA attendants video of “get off the plane” scream but even those giggling in the video I bet were scared! Mental illness, as we have seen of late with JetBlue, can impact many others when the sick person is put in trust of the lives of many others on an airplane.

We all hope these people get the help they need and I sure hope this is not a growing trend. What about passengers? I did a lighthearted post HERE about things that can get you kicked off a Delta flight as in my mind, who would do any of those things. But with all that has been going on I did a search and was shocked at all the results. Just look at these:

Arrested for not turning off you cell phone HERE

Arrested for painting her nails in the bathroom HERE

This one – you decide – red beam out of glasses HERE

How many dumb drunks need to fly HERE?

I flew with the crew that dealt with this drunk HERE

And the drunks with DUMB jokes on a Delta flight HERE

I HATE baggy pants fashion so no pity for this one HERE

We all know you can not open a door at altitude right?
Not HERE on this Delta flight.

And these are all over the past year or so. I found a TON more and if you Google arrested and airline you will get a scary list. I had a step mom that was bi-polar and some days (when she was off her meds) I wish I could just block from my memory. Once again these types of reports remind us it is up to us all to keep one another safe from anything and everyone when as a group we are traveling at 500+ MPH in a tiny metal tube.

Be safe and fly alert everyone – Rene

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