Borta är bra men hemma är bäst – with Delta Air Lines!

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I love this Swedish saying and it translates to “away is good but home is best“! And you know, I feel that way about my Delta Air Lines after my recent trip and will go so far as to say I like the Delta business class “travel experience” better than United / Lufthansa 1st class. I proudly say I am biased toward my beloved airline, even with all it’s faults, and why do I say that? Let me break it down for you.

A trip is more than just a single flight. It is all the parts that make the trip an experience. Now I must say the private car to and from the plane in Frankfurt is just uber-kool. And the 1st class terminal is beyond uber-kool.

The rest, ehhh, ya know, really not so much!. The food was good in 1st but I like the choices and food much better on Delta over the pond and have almost never had a dish I did not like.

The business class product from FRA-GOT was much worse (the new ultra thin back breaker seats) than the KLM’s business one as well as the food offered for lunch and breakfast. The attendants are nicer and more attentive on KLM intra-Eurpe. The check-in at GOT on the Delta side is run by Air France. The United / Lufthansa one is run by SAS ( ugg ). The lounge at GOT is smaller on the Star Alliance side too.

Now one of the biggest reasons I love Delta over United are the airports. DTW is all that for me and I just love the airport. I love that you exit customs, have re-screening right there, then back into the airport and done (Oh and did I mention the Skyclub entrance right there with showers after my flight and the oxygen spa a few steps away).

With O’Hare you exit the international terminal, transfer via “tram-train” and then re-screen with the masses. Also, the United clubs I visited were smaller and more crowded than any Delta Skyclub I have been in and the snack choices were not as good. Power ports in T2 club were all sunk in so my e-Reader could not even charge up – Grrrr!

I can not wait to try the new ATL international terminal to open in May and plan to have lots of blog coverage with reader input and other bloggers live at the event if all goes as planned so stay tuned. – Rene

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  1. My favorite saying is “Kan kalla mig för idiot, det har jag ingenting emot” (You can call me an idiot, I don’t have anything against that”) Great Bob Hund song.

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