Targus Brilliance II Laptop Backpack give-a-way today from DeltaPoints.com

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Last week DeltaPoints.com gave away a kool laptop bag and I had several comments how nice it would be if the give-a-way was for a laptop backpack rather than a std bag. Well I respect my readers comments (& I had some Amazon credits left over) and got this puppy – Targus Brilliance II Laptop Backpack!

So today you can have a chance to win it and naturally, attached to it, the even more valuable and uber-kool DeltaPoints luggage tag (have you seen what these are going for on ebay – gezzzz?!?)


Now the rules are this. You have to comment below and tell me what you are doing this weekend for a chance to win! I will be watching the Masters both on TV and on the web. You? – Rene


EDIT:  we have a winner – thanks for reading the blog!


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  1. As chance has it, I’m looking for a new laptop. Maybe I won’t need to buy the bag 😉

  2. unfortunately working nights until monday so just walking around like a zombie when i’m awake…. sigh

  3. Taking my kidlets to Niagara Falls, Mr6 said that’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen

  4. Honestly, nothing very exciting… Warching the Masters and relaxing with my wife. I needed the break! 🙂

  5. I will be planning my upcoming trips to India, Las Vegas and the Bahamas!

  6. I will be taking my family and my girls family to washington DC for their 100th year cherry blossom festival. I only got 3 hr sleep now. Must start the driving soon.

  7. I’m taking my niece to the airport (Delta flight) and watching Masters on Sunday.

  8. High School Lacrosse in the morning at Widener University followed by a trip to the Jersey shore (MARGATE !!)

  9. I am going to a Holi Festival in Palo Alto, CA. Not as great as the true festival in India, but a close second till I can make it out there.

  10. I will be watching the Masters on TV and gardening because the weather has been so warm everywhere in the eastern US this year

  11. Will be spending time with family…going to church on Sunday to celebrate Easter and the life God has given us.

  12. @ Mighty Mouse – O’ I so want to come play with you and your friends! What a great way to end the winter. Be safe and have a fun time! – Rene

  13. Quiet weekend, low pressure time to catch a run and work on an upcoming trip and presentation.

  14. Gifting Easter baskets to kids and grandkids. Is there anyone else out there whose wife still gives a Easter basket to a 40 yr old kid ?

  15. Getting ready for a trip to Raleigh and celebrating Easter with family and friends.

  16. Just returning home from vacation. And my husband will be watching the Barrett-Jackson car auction so I guess I will too.

  17. Taking a small plane up flying Saturday and Sunday, then packing for a getaway to the Bahamas

  18. I’m working today (airport ops at a major DL hub airport). Will enjoy easter with my family tomorrow!

  19. I’m cheating on Delta by taking advantage of my Southwest companion pass to take the wife to San Antonio. Segway tour today!

  20. I will be packing and preparing to leave Monday on a trip IAH to FRU. By the way, FRU is Bishkek. The bag would be great for my next trip—– to Kiev!

  21. I am going to my wife’s friend’s house tonight for supper and a look at their new baby….


  22. This weekend I will be Relaxing on the couch for a bit. Thn Easter brunch with the family.

  23. Wish i was flying somewhere, but going to take advantage of the great weather here and work on the yard. Might use my tickets and take in a ball game this evening (haven’t decided)…

  24. I’ll be working around the house getting it ready to put on the market. Once we’ve moved into our new house, I’m planning to get into the credit card for miles game seriously!

  25. Planning our next getaway — using Delta, naturally. In the running: Ireland or northern Europe…

  26. I will be taking my third paragliding lesson today, going for a tandem ride with my instructor

  27. I will be on PhiPhi island in Thailand snorkeling and fishing off of mosquito island, bamboo island, and maya bay with my teenage son. Weather is perfect. Great weekend!!

  28. Looking on Delta.com and Skyteam to see if I can find any good flights back to USA from Sweden..taking the knowledge I have gained here and TRYING to apply it 😉
    Glad Påsk René

  29. Leaving today for Roma! One of my favorite cities in the world! Then on to Firenze and Venezia! Taking my two teenage boys to Italy for the first time! so excited.

  30. Rene, may be I should not divulge this but what the heck. I am on vacation in San Juan enjoying the beautiful weather. Yeah I know and am still reading your blog *L*

  31. wow i have been reading your blog since you started and just realized today was my first post.

  32. I am taking my cousin to the airport to fly back to her family for Easter. It sure was nice having her up her to visit me.

  33. I missed many DeltaPoints’s giveaway events in the past 2+ months for not seeing the giveaway notices, I need to WIN this time 🙂

    This weekend is a super busy weekend for Easter…

  34. Going to the Pittsburgh Penguins – Philladelphia Flyers game this afternoon with the family. Passover Seder after the game. Brunch and a movie marathon on Sunday.

  35. I am exciting that I will be a Gator (Go Tim Tebow :)) soon this summer and looking for need for all kinds of school supplies. This bag will be great!

  36. Big golf fan here too, so will be watching the Masters in the afternoon (after playing in the morning!) 🙂

  37. I want Mighty Mouses weekend!

    I’ll be trying to find a trip for the wife and I to take…

  38. Enjoying the last weekend of regular season NHL action before the playoffs. Go Flyers!

  39. At work presently, and will be watching the Masters from my phone via their new android app that just popped up this morning? or at least trended enough to make front page of google play.

    Sunday I plan to study for a poetry test with some fellow students and prepare for my birthday, which is Tuesday 😉

  40. I will possibly be driving to Chicago today to meet up with a friend. I have a Brewers/Cardinals game to attend on Easter Sunday and Easter dinner with a few siblings.

  41. I will be boiling eggs and painting and of course, hiding them today and tomorrow!

  42. I am attending a friend’s wedding and hopefully watching the final rounds of the Master’s!

  43. I’m supposed to be packing for a trip to NYC but instead I will be working 18 hour days cleaning up someone elses mess.

  44. Watching the Masters and the Detroit Tigers. I am sure the wife will come up with some “projects”, too.

  45. Friday was at Breckenridge with Family. Saturday is R&R with Family and Friends, and Sunday is a DEN -> DTW flight on Delta – but still no upgrade 🙁 and flight is in 25 hours.

  46. Spending the weekend in Maui! laying at the beach, pool, anywhere there is sun!

  47. spending time with my parents (and extended family) in NC for the weekend, and planning a trip to Europe with my sister over the summer to celebrate her college graduation!

  48. Nothing exciting for me….after several weeks of rain, I hope to be able to cut the grass.

  49. Oh, would love a new bag! Working all weekend sadly, but also planning Greece trip

  50. Playing tennis, watching the AZ D-Backs and the Masters, and hosting a birthday party for my Dad on Sunday.

  51. Staying home, relaxing. Will try to catch up on some sleep after crazy week at work.

  52. Driving 5 1/2 hours to see my husband’s 92 year old father. Don’t know how many more holidays we’ll have with him, so each one is precious.

  53. I have the in-laws overand we are watching The Masters and grilling out in sunny Minnesota.

  54. I will be catching up on some longreads on Instapaper and waiting for my 35,000 Air France miles to post from last week’s trip. Delta Platinum here I come!!

  55. Watching the Masters, studying for the CPA exam, and enjoying Easter with the family

  56. Spring cleaning, Yard work, & now this boardingarea and other blog news update.

  57. Relaxing with a few scrabble games going on the iPad then some sort of exercise….either beach walk when it cools off around 6:30pm or elliptical

  58. Actually I am watching more snow fall – we will break the record this weekend, if we didn’t already in the last inch 🙁

    Also packing for a trip to “the Lower 48” this next week – hopefully sunshine.

  59. My husband, two boys and I flew to San Antonio (SWA points + CP)’ staying at Marriott by the Riverwalk (sign up free nights plus Sping Megabonus). Explored Riverwalk yesterday, toured the Alamo today and riding bikes to the Missions tomorrow!

  60. Just got home from a whirlwind 3 day business trip that, of course, included Delta Airlines! Celebrating Easter tomorrow at a Mexican restaurant with family.

  61. Watching the Masters and planning for our cruise to Australia and New Zealand.

  62. Cleaning up getting ready for a Niece n her husband to come visit from Las Vegas. 🙂

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