More options for Delta low level award seats to Europe SEA-CDG

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I came across this article the other day about Delta snagging the SEA-CDG route once Air France dropped it. Most of the time we know it is simpler to find space on AF over DL but since we are talking Delta metal this route could play into my strategy of utilizing the schedule change to get the exact seats you want. After all who wants to first fly east to west to end up west to east right?

And if you do get stuck with it, you will end up with what Lucky at One Mile at a Time calls the perfect length flight with time enough to both sleep and enjoy the trip. Another idea would be to use the stop over option with Skymiles and enjoy a few summer days in Seattle if you have never been there for a visit, and then fly over to Paris a few days later.

Now one more route I would be cautious of is the PIT-CDG direct route that Delta is going to also go it alone this year without financial support from Pittsburgh as they had in the past. Delta did/will fly 757-200’s on this route with the least leg room & least recline business seats in the international fleet. It does look like they have Economy comfort but note the seats are 3 & 3 in EC & coach.

Other airlines, and from reader comments, have had some range issues on the way back into the headwinds with this bird over the pond I blogged about before even though it is under 4000 miles direct.

BTW I am still working on the idea for posting low level Saturday award space for both coach and business – I just have not yet found the time to do so. – René


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  1. Rene,

    Excellent post. Very, very useful information. Is the low level award availability showing up “far out” or just in the last week or so?

    By the way, I’d love to see one of you “Delta News” posts in the near future.

  2. @TSCF – ask and you shall receive 😉 one is already planned for tomorrow. As to low level seats, you know Delta, can change all the time. Txs – Rene

  3. This is the same plane they use to fly LAX/SFO to JFK. Be prepared to be packed in like a sardine! the econ comfort is a joke as well! can’t use your laptop if the person in front of you reclines!

  4. @Rocky – txs for this feedback. You are 100% sure it is the BE equipped one you were on not one of the other std ones? Again txs – Rene

  5. I was on the BE one from JFK-LAX (75E). 1st is comfy and will work fine for a short hope across the pond. But nothing in comparably to the seats on the 777/767 or the old A330/B747s Economy is bad! Econ comfort did add extra room, but again I could barely use my lap top due to the recline of the seat in front. Also those in standard econ looked like sardines. The aisle isn’t aligned correct in the front to make room for econ comfort on only one side of the plane. The non econ comfort side reminds me of a 2nd class train ride i took in Indonesia. See my review:

    The Pitch in the 75N in econ is Only 31-33 vs the 757 Atlantic (5600 series) that Delta uses is 33-34

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