Why pay a credit card annual fee if you don’t have to?

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I hate to pay most annual fees on credit cards and I am sure you do too. Now there are some cards I don’t mind, like my DELTA AMEX RESERVE card for $450 for all I get for it. But others, if I cannot get a retention bonus like I blogged about here, I will either downgrade to a no-fee card or just cancel.

My annual fee just came up for my Capital One Venture card from the sweet 100,000 point new card offer from last year for myself and my wife. So we just called today and, after pleading our case that the fee is too high, both had the fee for this year and guess what, full credit for one more year – so 2 calls and $118 saved!

Do you take the time to call for either a retention bonus offer or the annual fee waved on all your travel cards? – René




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Best Credit Cards


  1. Some things you might think about not sharing, it will potentially ruin the possibility of such gratuities continuing in the future.

  2. @Pointasaurus – nope – if it can be done I will share! I am not like those at FT who keep secrets for only those in the know to use – Rene

  3. CapitalOne didn’t budged on the fee for me, I took the offer to switch to a no fee VentureOne card that offer 1.25 mile/$

  4. My wife and I both called to cancel the cards before the fee hit; were not offered any credit or offer to downgrade. After the cancellation, we did get email solicitation for reactivation for a no-fee version but did not take the offer.

  5. Same happened to me when I called last month. Fee is due in May and I’ll try again to get it waived, but if no dice I’ll drop to a fee free one.

    Since I don’t use the card much anyways I probably should just get a fee free and never worry about calling to get the fee waived again yeah?

    Which card was that Michael?

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