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WELCOME Christopher Elliott readers & another 145,000 points today!

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A warm welcome to Christopher Elliott readers! I hope I can help you travel around the globe like you never dreamed possible and share helpful tips I have learned over the years as an Elite traveler with Delta Air Lines. Here are some examples of trips I have made either for FREE, or almost free, just the past few months:

Ski trips to Utah click HERE and HERE

Golf  Trip to Florida click HERE

I got PAID to enjoy Florida click HERE

1st Class trip to Sweden Click  HERE

How do I collect so many points? Many are via credit cards offers (about every 3-4 months) and I did just such a round yesterday and here is what happened.  I have had almost all the points cards that are out there as you can see below.

Now what, over the years, will applying for and always always always paying on time each and every payment do to my credit score? Well I checked with the FREE credit score Credit Sesame and here was my current score pre-round.

I also each year check, not just my credit score, but also my credit report for FREE as you can pull from all 3 once each year. If you spread them out you can pull 3 times a year to make sure your credit report is accurate. I do this and you should too!

So what did I go for this time? I have almost all of the Chase cards including the INK BOLD or I would have, without question, gone for the 50,000 INK BOLD! I would have gone for the Chase British Airways  Avios Bonus Points card, but I had that card last year! I would love to go for another DELTA AMEX Reserve card but will have to wait till next year to get that one. So I did these:

Citi 40,000 Hilton Honors card – result instant approval

Hawaiian Airlines 35,000 card – result instant approval

Alaska Airlines 35,000 card – result instant approval

(I do get referral credit btw for most cards but not Hawaiian or Alaska – as always I thank you for supporting the blog)

The Hawaiian points I will convert to 70,000 Hilton points as I am working on building up my point balance again with Hilton and between these and the 40,000 from Citi I have just added 110,00 to my account. Sweet.

My wife’s round is on the horizon soon and she has NOT had the INK BOLD so I may have to see about adjusting the date to sooner than later. She, at this point, will also get the Alaska and Citi cards.

As the Frugal Travel Guy tells us over and over and over, your credit is one of you most important assets, I understand this and you should too. I also know I would NOT be applying for credit cards if I was going to apply for a home loan or a car loan over the next two years!- René


How about a fun giveaway today to celebrate “yeah me day”! All I want to know is YES or NO if you have ever done a round, that is, more than one card application in one day. Neither answer will improve your chance to win this Samsung Bundle with WEP490 Bluetooth Headset, Belt clip, S phone stand and Micro USB car charger. I will use and pick a winner from all the comments: [EDIT: we have a winner #38 Bruce]

Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card
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  1. Not yet but I am waiting for the right time.

  2. yup…. did it once. MAY do it again, but holding off due to a possible move and needing credit rating back up (after the MINOR hits it took) to get best possible mortgage interest rate

  3. Yes I have, mostly based upon advice given in your blog.

  4. Yup – Rene, quick question. About to do a new churn and wanted to double check what you’ve said – if I have an active Delta AA card that is >2 years old, I can use your link and apply for another one for ‘other expenses’ and still get the bonus, right?

  5. Nope, though I’ve gone out of my confort zone lately and opened more accounts than ever thought I would.

  6. Yes, once. But only two cards on one day (Citi).

  7. No. Have thought about it but have been hoarding my credit lines waiting to refin my 30yr fixed…

  8. I just got the Chase Sapphire thanks to you! Hope you got credit as I went through this site! thanks again for all you do.

  9. Just did one last Monday so I guess that’s a yes 😛

  10. Yes–5 cards between my wife and I in march.

  11. Yep. I am “double Diamond” (Diamond medallion this year and 2013 and already Silver for 2014 on roll-over BIS miles) and just started the credit card applications and churning this year. Saving for a big trip to Australia form my wife’s 50th birthday this year

  12. I have never done a churn but I do have 5 credit cards from past years. Thanks!

  13. Yes and therefore my wife and I will be enjoying round-trip biz class to Italy next month on DL/AF.

  14. Kinda of. I applied for the same card twice in one day for me and my wife.

  15. Yes, just did one couple months ago for Chase Preferred Sapphire. Thinking of British Airways card or SPG (if they offer great signup bouns).

  16. yeah…and failed miserably…just one approval from 4 apps! 🙁
    Now holding on for few months, till my score comes back up and then will try again!

  17. Never done one…have thought about it though.

  18. only once, with the 2 browser trick for citi bus and personal AA last year (150K). On a different subject, I Now have the $95fee due this month for delta personal card and when I called AMEX they didn’t offer anything to keep the card (and I only spent about 2500 on it all year, so don’t blame them). Should I apply for the business card before I cancel the personal one, or does it matter? I only fly delta once or twice a year. Thanks for your advice Rene.

  19. @Laura – totally up to you. I like to always have a Delta card at all times so I would get a biz before I canceled a personal card. – Rene

  20. Phil Gold

    yes i have. love the pic, and i thought my collection was big.

  21. I have been churning for about an year now and have been successful so far.

  22. no, but will when i finish this fricking remodel so i can refinance

  23. Nope, can’t afford to meet all the minumum spends

  24. No, only one card at a time. Maybe next time, though, I plan on getting the Ink Bold while it is still at 50,000, and maybe sign up for another card without any spend requirements.

  25. THEsocalled fan


    I got 4 approvals this last Sunday, so the answer is yes! I picked up Hilton Surpass, Hilton Citi, USAirways Barclay, and Virgin Atlantic.

    Oh, by the way, I have the Hilton points rolling in for my stay on the big island with first class flights on Delta that you helped me with…….(the one with the open jaw and stopover to try to get 3 trips for the price of 2)

  26. @THEsocalled fan – how very very kool. Always happy to help. Thanks for reading and supporting the blog – Rene

  27. When does Elliott and BoardingArea become friends?

  28. @Gary – While I can not speak for Elliott I do think he likes many here at BA, myself included! – Rene

  29. I would need to point people to in the direction of getting their actual FICO scores, vs. paying/subscribing to sites that give only FAKO scores.

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