Chase pushed me to another round today!

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Well not me, but my wife that is. As I talked about before, and every blogger on the planet will tell you soon, the spend required for the INK BOLD should move from $5000 to $10,000 to get the 50,000 Ultimate Reward points ! (below is what you see if you go direct to the Chase site and look for the card)

So today became a mini-app day for my wife. She has never had the INK BOLD card so we went for it. We got the standard thanks for the application as almost no one gets an instant approval and will have to call to follow up to verify and get the final OK (1-800-453-9719 is the number to call btw). Sometimes you have to move come credit lines around to get the job done and approved. We are ready to do that as well as the SW Air card can go if need be.

The other cards she went for were the CiTi Hilton HHonors 40,000 point card and the Bank of Hawaii 35,000 that will also become Hilton points (70,000) later on.

I will be sure to update the bog & let you know how it goes. Her credit score was a nice 764 pre-round so all looks good!

As always, know your credit and treasure your credit score and standing. These can be your keys to enjoy vacations you never though you could afford! – Rene (my link below and thank you for supporting the blog!)


The deal is now over but

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EDIT: Update on round so far from today. My wife called right away to reconsideration line with Chase and was approved by closing the SW AIR card and taking some credit line from Freedom Card!  Also approved on Bank of Hawaii card. Only the Citi to go for perfect 3 for 3 and 100% for all apps for the year. It looks like another year with 1 million+ points is on the way!


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  1. Did you do the Hawaiian Airlines BofA and BofHawaii together? Wife got both last year, net 140k Hilton after transfer

  2. @BothofUs2 – no due to the extra spend needed for one more card after the $5k from Chase I wanted to keep it as low as I could. We will go for the other one next churn. – Rene

  3. Is the link above your referral link? I’ve already got it, but I’m going to get the Mrs. it today.

  4. Just like everyone else, got the pending decision screen. Will call in tonight when we’re together to walk her through all the questions they will have. Shouldn’t have any problem though since it’s a legit business with real income and profits, and she only has 1 other Chase card. I’ll take a 6-pack of Heineken. Thanks!

  5. @Rene, I will hopefully be at the October event. Speaking off, I should go ahead and book some tickets. Still a standing offer if you’re in AL. Granted it’s no Europe, but it’s close.

  6. I am in an odd place with the Chase Ink Bold. I applied yesterday, but I don’t actually want approval yet. I am not going to be able to start putting some spending on the card for a couple of weeks, so I don’t want the clock to start running on the 3 months until I am better positioned to start using it. So, this will be a more unique churn experience than I am used to.

  7. @Cory – hummm…. i am not 100% sure if they use your app date or approval date to start the clock. Please give feedback on that. Also, you can always buy AMEX gift cards to meet the spend and extend the time clock to use them up! – Rene

  8. I will let you know how it turns out. I have heard, though not from Chase, that it’s approval date and not app date. But, I won’t pursue that for a week or 2 and bypass the reconsideration line for now and see what I get in the mail, if anything, in the meantime.

  9. @MR H – I have now ( well wife and I ) well over 1/2 million Delta Points. But, I am wanting to get to 400k UR (300k after the latest card yeah me/us) points for my 25th Anniversary cruse! I am also working on a ton of Hilton points for a nice trip, and we soon will have 1/2 million AA points for Sweden trips, plus have 1/4 million United for trips… so sure, I will bank points from every source I can but want to fly Delta as much as I can naturally! – Rene

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