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Best Credit Cards

I have a follow-up to this monings post about squeezing out points and cash and that is taking advantage of the deals OfficaMax has now and then with their MaxPerks rebates sometimes as high as 100%. Let me show you one I did this week:

  • Sale price $219.99
  • $20 off coupon (I got in the mail) price down to $199.99
  • I used $150 previously earned earned MaxPerks
  • Price now down to $49.99
  • I started the purchase at Ebates to earn 3% back on $199.99
  • I also used INK BOLD to get 5x in UR points on the $49.99
  • I will get $70 in MaxPerks back into my account
  • I will sell camera on ebay for $185

This takes some work and planning and after ebay and paypal fee’s I will make about $25 but with Ebates cash back and points more like $35 all-in. Also it takes about a month to get the MaxPerks back into your account to re-spend on the next round and you have to save Officemax coupons when they come in the mail.

I started this process with a tip from fellow BA blogger Frequent Miler who does the much easlier Staples 100% rebates but this one is for Officemax. Worth the work? It is to me. What do you think? – René

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Best Credit Cards


  1. Hey Rene, when you log into your OfficeMax account and look at the order you recently placed, does your MaxPerks ID field say “N/A” even though it’s saved in your profile, entered at checkout, plus shows up in order confirmation?

    That’s what’s happening to me on 2 orders. I’m wondering if it’s just buggy OfficeMax IT that show’s N/A only on that page, or if it really didn’t get submitted with my order, which is a big deal since I’m getting $140 back via MaxPerks!


  2. Check out your emails. I got an email for $50 back in MAXPERKS Reward for In store buying of $50 or more. I bought a kindle reader with this deal..

  3. DP,
    Your blog is getting better and better as time goes on. I wouldn’t take advantage of this offer, but I like the whole idea and you making people aware of it. I too purchase Staples, Office Max & Office Depot products when things are 100% free in returned via Rewards.
    Good luck to you and keep up the great work!

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