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There are rewards from checking for every single point you are due!

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Now what am I going on about today? Just this. Do you check to make sure you are getting all the points you are DUE? Let me give you an example and the rewards that can come to you. I got my statement on my Chase Freedom card for last month. The first quarter of the year they were offering 5x points for all gas purchases (4x bonus plus 1x for purchase = 5x)! I added up all the purchase and I was SHORT 200 points! 200 Ultimate Rewards points are worth just $2.50 cents. Most I bet would say not worth a phone call right? Wrong. I called and talked to the rep, she agreed the numbers were wrong, I suggested and said:

“for 5000 points I would pretend the error never happened”,

then she said:

“I could not do that but would put 1000 points immediately into your account since you had to take the time to call after our error”!

Oh how I love Chase.

I hope you see my point in this. To win BIG in this game we play, you need to start with being aware of what card to use for what purchase. Then be diligent enough to follow up and make sure you are getting what you were promised, and then ask for MORE when they make a mistake.

This advice, that it takes work, I focus on with another change to the blog, that of a new tab at the top called “♦ROOKIE?♦”. If you have anyone new to points who wants to understand what it takes, that is a good place to have them begin to understand why and how we do what we do!

Last tip to end the day is to pay close attention to the series Mommy Points has begun with preparation for the hoped for next US AIR grand slam promotion. I am collecting hotel, e-miles, eRewards and so much more to build up that account to get another free 1st class Lufthansa ticket before they merge with American Airlines and exit Star Alliance to join One World and your US AIR points become AA points! – Rene

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  1. I noticed the Freedom “discrepancy” about a year ago. After calling them for both mine and my gf’s accounts asking for the “missing” points, I realized that Freedom has a very early cutoff time (about a week before statement date) for bonus category points to post within that same statement cycle.

    For example, my statement closes/comes out on the 28th. If a bonus category purchase transaction posts (roughly) after the 21st, the 4 extra points will not make it into the current statement. It will show up in the next statement instead.

    The sad part is, Chase reps do not know that, nor do they take the time to check the bonus points issued spanning a couple of statement cycles, hence they will just give you whatever you say was missing on the spot as courtesy. Good customer service from customer point of view, but lazy practice from business point of view.

    If you check your next statement, you, like me, will feel stupid to have asked for those “missing” points. 🙂

    Note: all the other bonuses (10% extra, and 10 pts/transaction) relating to having a checking account always post in same statement as long as transaction is posted in that statement.

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