A Delta mileage run to Brazil? & thank you bloggers!

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There are few people like Rick, The Frugal Travel Guy. I read every word he writes. I listen, closely, when he speaks. He makes me think and I like that! The other brilliant mind I read each day is Gary, View from the Wing. I also pay very close attention when he speaks, even if I don’t always “get” everything he says. But yesterday, thanks to Gary, I am planning on going to Brazil on a mileage run. Here is the link to the post if you want to know what I am going on about.

….now that you are back, here is my plan. I need about 10k more MQM this year to end up GOLD for 2013. I may push for Platinum but would be fine with GOLD at this point. I have a few ETV’s to burn and thought about just flying over to see my mom as that will earn me the MQM’s I need. Then I read Gary’s post about British Avios points for no fuel tax from Brazil. I have never been to Brazil. There is a direct overnight flight from DTW to Brazil. I can connect via AZO and earn an extra 1000 MQM round trip and it costs less to buy the ticket from there I found from Matrix software search.

BTW, Matrix can also be useful for some of my other techniques I talk about. For example, do a search for airports 150 miles from your home one and see how many pop up that you did not know about!

So, I will get to vacation a few days in Brazil, spend the money it would have cost me in tax to burn my BA points originating in the USA with Delta and earn MQM’s and RDM’s. The RDM’s I earn will offset the extra Avios points it will take to fly from GRU rather than ORD as an origination point. I will start looking for a hotel on points so that will be free. Now I just have to find seats to make it all work!

This is why we all need to read blogs. We learn to think outside the box. It is also why we collect points from everywhere so that when you see something that makes your eyes sparkle and gleam, you can, like me, wake your wife up and say “Schmoopy, we are going to Brazil”! (I should admit she is not really happy about 10hrs in coach but it is a night flight both ways) – Rene


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  1. It surprises me that fares to Brazil can be MR worthy, last time i checked ex USA they were astronomical

  2. @Dennis – well it is not a PURE MR. A pure MR would just be go and back. This is a combo trip. Need the MQM’s so why not vacation AND MR at the same time. Taking a few liberty’s with the MR term here – Rene

  3. The CPM requiremnt for a “mileage run” is relaxed a fair bit when you factor in vacationing somewhere desirable and avoiding the BA fuel surcharges.

  4. @matt – yes my point. The main point is to think about all the choices we have. If you can combo fun and run, all the better! – Rene

  5. Grear info. Now just don’t forget to get your visa before u go. Don’t do like some friends of mine that tried to go there without one and got kicked out lol

  6. I’m sorry to ask this, as I am new to the mileage game, but how exactly can you use BA Avios to earn Delta points? Sounds like an awesome, and quite curious, opportunity! Thanks

  7. @Noah – you can’t. Sorry was not clear. I will earn Delta points flying Delta to Brazil. Then, I fly to Sweden on BA on points. Then, I fly back to Brazil on BA and then use my Delta ticket to fly back home. Clear? It is all about getting as much as I can and having fun doing it too for the least cost and most gain all around.

  8. You might want to mention that to go to Brazil you need a Visa, I just got mine for a business trip I have next week and it cost $379. With the extra cost of the Visa it negates the reason of doing the MR in the first place.

  9. @Tom – the MR is not the main point as you can see from the other comments. As a pure MR the cost for the ticket is way to high in PPM. It is more a way to do two things at once. Thanks – Rene

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