$20 off Wanna Get Away Fares SouthWest Air

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No, I am not becoming a SW Air blogger after two SW posts in one week. Yes, we are all a bit over-the-top when it comes to collecting points from every place and everywhere. And ya know, sometimes it can pay off.

I love that our airline serves Coke products. I love to drink Coke (Zero is my favorite btw). I save every Coke “code” from every box. The 12 pack box code is worth 10 points. The 24 pack is worth 20 points. This is naturally on top of the 5x Ultimate Rewards points I got with my  CHASE Freedom card  for buying the Coke in a grocery store last month, this month? I even recycle the cans and get some cash back that way too!

Right now Coke Rewards is offering, for spending 100 points, a $20 code for SouthWest Air Wanna Get Away Fares. They also have one that you can try for a chance to win a pair of SW Air tickets for just 3 points! With prices going up all the time, even $20 off is a nice deal.

So, as most of you dedicated DeltaPoints readers know, I don’t fly SW Air. Not for any other reason than they are 2 hrs away for me and their idea of a Skyclub, as shown here by my good friend Marshall Jackson on Travel, does not excite me.

For SW AIR flyers this seems like a good value for Coke Rewards points. So I redeemed 100 points and now want to giveaway that CODE for $20 off a SW AIR flight that I will give to a random comment below. Please do NOT comment if you CAN NOT USE THE CODE to fly SW AIR before Nov. 15th, 2012 as I hate to see it go to waste. For the runner up I will also give away a Coke 10 point code for them to have a chance to enter the sweepstakes at Coke Rewards as well.

Also do note, *NOT MY LINK*,  there is still a live 50,000 Chase SW AIR card (edit deal is now dead – current best deal is here) floating around. While I cannot guarantee the points, most are reporting it is working. If you are thinking about a CHURN, why not add this one to the mix along with the 30,000 point DELTA GOLD AMEX and maybe the Hilton 40,000 card from CitiBank for a nice tri-fecta of 120,000 points for all 3 cards in one day (after you meet the spend that is). – René


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  1. Can this be used when paying with points? If so, I’d love to have it; I’m booking a SW flight for my mum this week. Thanks for your generosity 🙂

  2. Great deal for a light value on MCR points. I feel I should try the new guys in ATL, since I have experience with DL and Airtran (torture seats)

  3. Here’s a “random comment” for the Southwest discount code that I could use… thanks for the chance 🙂

  4. I prefer Pepsi myself but a dedicated Southwest flier so a $20 SWA coupon will come in handy. Thanks.

  5. Dh earned the SW companion pass in January. We pay for his ticket, I fly free, and book the two kids on points to try to stretch the points farther. Would love to have the credit to offset his ticket price. Thanks for the chance!

  6. I’d love to have the code! I live in Kansas City and have a house in NJ so I fly back and forth to Philadelphia all the time!

  7. From a big Delta fan who is keen on using this code to have his little sister fly back home for some family time. Would love to use the code and Thanks for a great focused blog and brilliant ways to maximize Delta points. Appreciate you Rene!

  8. I’ve started collecting Coke rewards but apparently I’m a lot slower than you! I fly SW often and would love the $20 coupon. Thanks for the contest!

  9. I gave up Coke years ago when my children challenges me during Drug Free week at school and I glad I took up the offer. I substituted it with traveling and now I have a new addiction!

  10. I live in Baltimore, and Southwest is the most convenient way to fly here. $20 off would be great, thanks!

  11. I need to fly my brother to Charleston so this would be helpful, thanks for the chance!

  12. Vanilla Zero is the best, especially when a shot of rum or bourbon is added. It’s like liquid crack, LOL.

    If I win, I will swap for the runner-up prize, since I won’t be flying SW before Christmas. Am hoarding MCR points until Priority Club points are available again.

  13. Wanting to visit my grandma for her 100th birthday (for real!) in Chicago…this would be a great help! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  14. I’m new to this and I was wondering if these can be used in conjunction with Southwest Rewards points… Has anyone ever contacted the Customer Service to inquire?

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