Oh MSP, do you miss NWA? Too bad & enjoy the tiny planes!

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I have said how much I love living where I do. The middle is just nice. I have EZ access to the “Windy City” for Stay-cations whenever a point breaks room is found. I can fly out of SBN, AZO, FWA, GRR, IND, MDW, ORD & DTW all within a 3 hr drive. I could go on and on, but you can not all move here to the great Midwest!

But if you live in MSP, you may be starting to miss the glory days of MSP. Let me ask you a few questions.

  • First, what has been going on since 2010? Look HERE.
  •  And what has Delta been doing since then about the size of the jets going in and out of MSP since 2010? Look HERE.
  •  And since Delta has not been buying any new planes for a while, can you tell me what type of plane Delta is buying right now? Look HERE.
  • Last question. If a plane is small, noisy and very old, then our airline would like to keep this as quiet as possible right? Look HERE on the Delta blog.

Of course, you celebrate the bird. Now I do like the MD’s as long as I am not in the back. I like the 3+2 seating so neither my wife or I have to have the middle seat. They are running this ship from ATL-MYR where my mom-in-law lives and I love it over a CRJ (and never again an ATR)!

But back to MSP. Like real-estate you are location location location. Unless you are going to Europe, Asia, Hawaii or Mexico, you had better get used to more MD’s and CRJ’s! Just be happy you have birds at all as readers in CVG would love to have the size issues you now have to deal with.

At least you have one of the best airports in the world to enjoy before you fly! (does that help?) – Rene


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  1. While there are some reasons to be concerned, it’s clear most people commenting on the articles didn’t know what they’re talking about. Airbii are comfortable on a less-than-full flight, but I’ll take a MD90 on a full flight so there’s half the middle seats. 777 instead of 744 to Tokyo? Better product. Not only are we more lucky than the STL/CVG/MEM/CLE/PITs of the world, but we also have fewer CRJs as a % than DTW.

  2. Not really a fan of your post title today…I would think that as a fan of Delta, you would be concerned with just about any changes in the Delta system. After all, you might be connecting through MSP at some point. At any rate though, I agree with Matt MSP, I think that most of the news is overblown with regard to fleet changes and such. MSP seems to support a right-sized fleet for the market. I believe overall, as the 50 seat fleet starts to get flushed out throughout Delta, all hubs will see a more appropriate mix of aircraft (and comfort). Oh well…

  3. @marc & matt – obviously I am a huge delta fan. however I don’t want what happened to cincinnati to happen to minneapolis. and I don’t think that will ever happen. I also don’t want minneapolis to become the crj hub of the world. Expanding international connections I think would be a wonderful advantage for minneapolis albee city and also for us you want to travel. but thanks very much for the feedback I always welcome read your feedback. rene

  4. Thanks for your comment also Rene. I know some people can get emotional when comparing “what was” to “what is” in a variety of situations but for the most part, MSP seems to be doing quite well. They are certainly not in the boat of CVG or MEM for that matter. I’m a Delta fan indeed, but have to be a fan of practical decision making most importantly. For example…I maintain two homes, one in MSP and another down south….and the MEM situation gets to me at times. I don’t find it practical to go via ATL to my other home when MEM had always been the most efficient and reliable and unfortunately now uaually have to avoid Delta in most cases since my old route doesn’t exist anymore or at times only exists in a substantially reduced frequency. I would love to stick with Delta for all travel needs but have to do what is best at that time. But that is ok. There are usually pluses and minuses to each situation. I’m just thankful for what exists @ MSP when considering where MEM appears to be heading…

  5. At MSP right now, just came back from 2 week Europe trip. I went United all the way. I try not to fly delta unless I am heading to tpa. Everything else ORD is my place of connection.

  6. Don’t rub it in… I dont mind the MD’s in F… they certainly better than the reconfiged A319 with 2 rows of F. But I miss the a320s and 757s.

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