Trip report Myrtle Beach + Delta/AMEX Companion free cert redemption

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One of the big perks about the Delta AMEX cards, all of them, is a buy one, get one free for the taxes coupon you get ($99 with the GOLD Delta Amex). With the Reserve card you can even fly first class this way but the cost is high so I never use mine that way. The paid for ticket earns RDM & MQM’s and the free rider gets nothing. Also, if you do book coach, even as a medallion of any flavor, you have no ability to upgrade. I used my wife’s coupon and changed it so that I was the one earning for this trip. We naturally did not fly direct DTW-MYR-DTW (1272 MQM’s), we flew SBN-DTW-ATL-MYR to rack up (3188) MQM’s round trip.

For years, phone reps could put you on the upgrade list with a companion cert, or the GA could override and get you into first if there was an empty seat. But apparently the Delta IT has had plenty of    free time   to fix this as no one seems to be able to do that anymore and an empty first class seat is better than upgrading a couple of medallions who are redeeming one of these coupons. I think these certificates, like the pay with miles, should be eligible for upgrades. Why not make these redemption’s bottom of the list, but at least make it possible, Delta! (guess they are too busy with the opening of the new international terminal today!)

We did make time to pop into the Skyclub, in B I think, with 3 hops each way they all start to look the same.

Normally a trip to the golf capital of the world would involve a ton of time chasing a little white ball all over lush green fairways, but it just did not work out this time. Plus, I have a fall golf trip with my buddies to Gaylord in August and can not wait to get back to play “The Tribute” again!

I know I sound like a broken record, but gosh I love the haul of coupons I have from December. One night we went to a sweet local place called the “Hot Fish Club“. They make all the food in house from the great “chips” to the desserts that they bring in a local baker to make that I did not have room for. Our dinner for 3 pre 18% tip was under $15! Crazy good and I would go back in a heartbeat!

After a nice week with family, our return trip was an MD-88 out of MYR, exit row on the leg room was very good. If you have not been to MYR for a while, they are not building a new airport as was the plan for a while, but expanding the current one a bunch!

Next in Atlanta an internationally configured 767-300ER ATL-DTW and we got to try out the EC seats. I may have to rethink 10+ hrs in this kind of seat as it seems smaller than I remember. I will say the first bulkhead row has just about unlimited leg room if you can snag 16 F&G. There were lots of birds in maintenance and I did get a nice shot of DTW coming up from the south.

Then back to the good old CRJ200 to SBN. All went well and more MQM’s in the bank thanks to our AMEX Companion certificate. While I don’t use them every year, I really should as they are a great value in today’s ever climbing cost to fly (when paying for a ticket that is)! – Rene

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  1. That’s not the club near B10, but it may be the other club in B. I can’t remember. Just missed you. Was in B on Monday and will be back on Thursday.

  2. This past weekend I used your trick at the gate to ask why we weren’t on the upgrade list (we had used a companion pass). We were then both upgraded!

  3. Hot fish club..mmmm…sounds delicious.I may stop by there during my June 1st wkend trip to MYR. Thanks

  4. My experiences with have been uniformly bad. Apparently they frequently continue selling them after the merchant has requested that they stop, they frequently don’t abide by the terms, and customers almost never read the terms on the certificates and then complain loudly when they can’t take their $25 certificate (that they paid $3 for) and pay for their $25 meal.

    Oh, and apparently people using them tend to tip atrociously… like 10% on the after-certificate amount. One waiter I talked to a couple months ago said that his average take on a $50 meal, with one of these certificates, was between $4 and $5.

    There are a number of establishments near us that have big signs that say ‘WE NO LONGER TAKE RESTAURANT.COM CERTIFICATES. PLEASE CONTACT THEM FOR A REFUND.’

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