Sweepstakes Sunday top 10 + DeltaPoints “swag” giveaway day!

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Summertime brings on the travel sweepstakes with a purpose. There is one in this list of 10 that I would want to win so bad I can not stand it and entered as soon as I saw it! Do you know which one it is?

United has one for the Olympics + 17 runners up get free air HERE

Advance Auto Parts has a FB one HERE

Jaguar has one to England and a chance to be on Top Gear HERE

TravelSmith has a chance for a cruise HERE

Olive Garden has one to Italy HERE

Better Homes & Gardens also has one to Italy HERE

Comfort Inn has one to Florida HERE

Food & Wine has one to Barbados HERE

Turkish Airlines has a FB one HERE

And Monster Drink has one to Costa Rica HERE

So let’s do this, I am giving away to two winners today at 10:PM EST, a Delta Points t-shirts (2XL is all I have left but they are 100% cotton), a Delta “tail” key chain and a Delta Points luggage tag. One set will go to a CONFIRMED e-mail subscriber to Deltapoints.com. The other set,  just tell me the one sweepstakes YOU want to win.  AND, if you guess the one I want to win, you also get a GoGo one time pass ( found one more 🙂 )! – René


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  1. I would love to win the Jaguar trip to England and I think you would love to win the United trip to the Olympics.

  2. I would love to win the United Olympics one. You would love the United Olympics too.

  3. I would love winning the United one for the Olympics. I think you would love winning the TravelSmith cruise.

  4. I want to win the Food and Wine one to Barbados. I think you would like that too – you go to Europe all of the time. I’m in England right now and flying home tomorrow in Business class on round trip tix I got for 100’000 miles out of MCO. Thank you for all of your blogs.

  5. i think we’d both enjoy the united sweepstakes (at least for the top prize–flights plus event tickets … nice!)

    plus–t-shirts in my size … how can i not love that?

  6. Seems too obvious but i’ll go with it…hard to imagine you wouldn’t want to go to the Olympics on United

  7. I’d like to win the Barbados trip. My guess is that you would like to win the cruise.

  8. I’m an email subscriber! I’d like to win the Olive Garden Italy sweepstakes, and I’d guess you’d like that one too.

  9. I entered United’s sweepstakes. I love the chance of going to the Olympics. That is one thing I always wanted to do in life.

  10. I do love to watch Top Gear…and I hear that tix are exceedingly hard to come by.

  11. I want to win your sweepstakes for the GoGo pass :@) but if not i want to win the Olive Garden trip to Italy, thanks!

  12. I would love to win the Jaguar trip and be on Top Gear. I bet that’s the trip you want to win too so you can convince the guys to race with jet engines on the test track while wearing a Delta Points shirt!

  13. If I had to choose one it would be Barbados. Italy & Costa Rica would be a close behind.

  14. I would LOVE to win the food and wine so i can take my wife to Barbados

  15. I’m gonna chose the BH&G Italy trip for us both. Main reason is you can take the cash!

  16. Thank you for the easy links. Looking at the picture and the first link, I’m think we both want the Olympics.

  17. Thanks fr the info! I would kill for a chance to go back to Barbados or Italy. I am guessing Barbados would be your first pick!

  18. I am thinking it is the Olympics in London. I entered their drawing as well. Thanks for the links.

  19. I’m thinking the Olympics all the way baby. I was a Div.#1 backstroker in college and would luv to Michael Phelps…dream come true!!!!!

  20. “O” in London and you Italy…c’mon you know you wanna go…don’t deny it!!!

  21. Hi Rene
    NYC has great weather this weekend
    Hope yours is also!
    I think you’d want the
    United to uk 
    And I would like
    Turkish sweeps  offer 🙂
    Let’s hope I win!!!!!
    Be happy

  22. I’d like to win the Jaguar contest and I’m thinking you want to win the Comfort Inn contest. Not the greatest hotel chain, but hey a free place to stay when you’re playing golf in FL and 5k in $.

  23. I want to win the Jaguar one to England and a chance to be on Top Gear and I’m sure you want to win the same one too!

  24. I like everyone but Jaguar and auto parts. I don’t like cars that much. LOL

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