take on cell phone use on planes!

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I hate spiders. I admit I have an almost unbalanced fear of them that could use psychiatric help. Yes, it is that bad. I get that spiders need to live for the balance of the ecology, but I would take more gnats, flies, bugs or you name it if all spiders became extinct.

Slightly lower on my list than spiders comes cell phone calls on an airplane. I also freely admit I have a problem I try to work on each day and that is being a “loud talker” on cell phones. I fight it, I am aware of it, and do try not to be so loud. I cannot imagine how bad I would be on an airplane. I bet the cabin crew could hear me from coach if I ever made a call in-flight.

I weighed in on my fellow blogger Kevin’s (aka post “about Virgin Atlantic introducing full Mobile Communications on-board” and voted the “only in an emergency” option.

Thankfully our Delta CEO seems to have no plans to allow cell phone use on our Delta jets any time soon as you can see at the end of the interview from THIS post about the opening of the ATL airport the other day. And in case you missed it in the news a few weeks back, there was an incident on a Delta flight where a customer, who btw develops voip apps, got in deep trouble for trying an in-flight call as you can see HERE.

Brian Williams video about VA calls

I can tell you, and I am betting many readers will agree, that many of our fellow flyers are over the top loud on their phones in the Delta Skyclubs! One of the reasons I go to the Skyclub is for peace and quiet from the “din” in and around the gate area. Think  about the idea of one of these types of people going from loud there to loud on the plane for hours! That would make me completely over the top nuts. So just to be clear, I am 100% against even the idea of allowing calls in-flight! We are tightly packed together in an already loud environment. We do not need to add to the noise and I hope Delta keeps the ban in place. Do you agree? – Rene

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  1. This is my biggest pet-peeve as a frequent flyer…the obnoxious cell phone guy. The Bob & Tom Show (a syndicated radio program) feature a character called “Kenny Tarmac”, a frequent flyer who is the definition of an obnoxious airline passenger. He talks loudly on his cell phone in “airport-speak”, i.e. “Hey Shooter! I’m at ATL headed for LAX and out to ORD tomorrow……” I secretly “collect” Kenny Tarmac-types while waiting in airports or on planes. They appear oblivious to their intrusive conversations.

    I hope Delta keeps the cabin cell-phone free in-flight. It’s enough to have to listen to these attention seekers in the wide-open terminal. Is it just me or do you, too, try to find a private little corner of the terminal to have your cell phone conversations as unobtrusively as possible?

  2. Rene, I totally agree with you.
    I can live with the fact that all passengers jump into the aisle as soon as the seat belt fasten sign is off (when being at the gate after landing) and talk on their cell phones.
    The “normal” speaker of my American cell phone does not work anymore, so I can only make phone calls using the loud speaker phone functionality. So when I am in the States and use my American phone I avoid to place calls out in the public. I do it in my hotel room or in my parked car.
    I surely don’t use it in a full plane! Even when parked at the gate …
    Okay, that’s a special case because others would not only hear me but also the one at the other end.
    Anyway, Delta please don’t allow cell phone calls in-flight!

  3. Is there no where that we can go to get away from the cell phone craze?!
    Can’t people do without their hand-to-ear-piece for the length of the flight?

    Turn it off! No cell phones on planes. Please!

  4. I totally agree. But it appears that people just can’t live without it. Even at the grocery stores. I feel like ripping the ear piece off when somebody is walking and talking with the dumb bluetooth.

  5. Haven’t heard a conversation yet that could not have waited…..but they are just so important…….

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