Trip report – Dinner?

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This post is a bit silly but since I took the time to blog about the deal the other day, a follow-up about the experience is appropriate.

I had never heard of the franchise called Penn Station East Coast Subs until SoDoughSavvy put up the link for a free sub for signing up for their email club. Well I am all about signing up for emails giving my drawing for the Nook this week!

The choices for dinner looked very good and I had a hard time picking. I went with an Italian. At the checkout I noticed the cooler and the “real” meats they use. Nice.

Also, they don’t get their fries in a bag pre-cut and frozen, they cut the whole potatoes right there. Never seen that before.

The sub was just nummy and tasteful (they don’t serve Coke products is the only thing I can be critical of Delta fans). I will be back and not just to this South Bend, IN store, but will look for the Penn Station locations when I travel.

They even had mints on the way out the door! The deal is good till the end of the month by the way if you missed it yesterday. And not to be outdone, Jen has a new deal that is nationwide for a Quiznos lunch. So many subs – so little time.

We now return to our regularly scheduled program of all things Delta and Travel related things! – René

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Don’t forget that later today I will do the drawing for today’s qualifier to win the new NOOK 7″ Tablet so be sure to sign up for the once a day e-Mail for a chance to win it this Sunday!


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  1. Penn Station is one of my favorites. I recommend the Philly Cheesesteak and the lemonade. If you ever have to drive down to IND for a flight, there’s a Penn Station in Lebanon right off I-65.

  2. The masters (mini-chain-wise) for fries cut from whole potatoes on-site is Five Guys [Burgers]. Cross your fingers that their franchise expansion brings one to a location near you.

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