One of us could easily win a trip to Spain plus other Friday info

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Readers know I am no “Fan” of Facebook. I do not have my “name” there and use a generic login just to keep watch of what is a good deal from companies who use the social media site.

I stumbled across one ending very soon. It looks like it has little interest so we (one of us anyway), who have some social media awareness, should be able to get this. If you have a few hundred friends on FB or want to say reach out to FT’er or MP’er or even here in the comments on the blog, you should be able to get a bunch of votes and win this trip to Spain! Please please please, DO NOT vote for me as I do not want to go in coach that far unless I am getting a ton of MQM’s for it on a paid ticket.

Also, if you are going to the movies tonight, don’t forget about the buy one get one free most of the summer  HERE.

If you have some stays at Best Western on the way you can get some money back  HERE.

So have a good weekend everyone! – René

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You still have three more days to qualify to win the new NOOK 7″ Tablet so be sure to sign up for the once a day e-Mail for a chance to win it this Sunday!


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  1. The top vote getter only has 35 votes right now. How sad is it that I’m too lazy to even try to beat 35? It would be pretty easy…..

  2. Do those who vote need to accept/install the app, as well? I can’t tell (since I’ve already installed it).

  3. Anyone wanna vote for me it would be much appreciated, never been to Spain.
    Word is “sexy”


  4. VOTE FOR ME! none other than: OSCAR de la Renta. I don’t mind going in coach!

  5. I know, its only three days left…But pleeeeeeeeeease vote for me…I would love to go there!

    Its “Karl Karlson” (which is not my real name as you might guess)…Would be really fantastic if i win it – with your help!

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