Shopping portals and a follow-up on my Snow Blower points

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If you are new to the world of blogs, boards and frequent flyer miles, you may not be aware of the virtual blizzard of points that can come from credit card sign up deals. I hope you will take the time to read my “Rookie” tab to learn more.

If you are not in the category above, and are already churning cards, then you are looking at ways to get every single point, mile or cash back you can find.

This week many in the blogosphere like FTG & Gary have been talking about shopping portals and which one is the best one to use. Without a doubt, we should all start our search at to find the best deals going. But, I have some words of warning. All portals are not created equal. Let me give you an example. Our Delta shopping site is run by “Cartera Commerce” and if you search for them and miles you will find many have had issues with them in the past. What I have found is they often do not issue the points until you e-mail and complain about the missing points. They do tend to then give you what you are owed, but it is frustrating that you have to follow up to get what you should. I got a snow blower via their site ( and Lowes ) back in March. I waited patiently the 45 days after purchase and e-mailed as no points had arrived. About a week later points are in my Skymiles account!

I have been very impressed with the Chase Ultimate Rewards shopping portal and Chase is just tops when you have an issue about not just making it right but even offering MORE points to show they are sorry about the fact that YOU had to contact them about the error.

So back to the flavor of the day the new Top Cash Back site. I have not used them yet. My go-to site has been for YEARS and remains (my link btw). They do not always offer the best rewards and I will use the Skymiles shopping site when the deal is good or the Chase as much as I can, but for reliability Ebates is second to none. Other than Officemax, that tends to never report a sale to ANY of the shopping sites, I rarely have an issue with credits not posting FAST to my Ebates account. If I ever do find something missing, they give you credit INSTANTLY while they look into it. No one else does this. This is worth a ton to me.

I have a “head” for points and tend to, in a weird way, remember all the things I should get points for. Some I miss but I check for most. But it should not have to be that much work to get what we are due. So always check for the best deal, and then go with the sites you trust most to give you the points due! – René

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  1. I totally agree. is my favorite. Their reps are wonderful and empowered. They can give you the credit you are entitled to immediately.

  2. I agree with your comments. Some of the shopping portal sites are really bad. I’m still waiting and following up on a BA Avios / Norstroms purchase I made early this year.

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