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I get tons of emails each day. I try to answer right away as if I do not, the volume that comes in causes me to not get back again to older ones I hate to admit. I do appreciate reader emails and thank you for questions, blog ideas and what ever else Delta is on your mind. I do get many of the same questions and wanted to clear a few things up.

Q) Why can I not comment anymore on old posts?

A) I get digital floods of spam comments each and every day. The longer any post is up, the more and more spam comments hit the post and after a while it gets just ridiculous. For every “real” comment I have dozens of spam over time. So, I can pick to have comments close after 7 or 14 day or longer to cut down on this. I have chosen to let readers have 1 week to comment on posts. Is that too short? Maybe but something had to be done due to the volume of spam.

Q) Do you blog about all deals and tips you find? What about all this talk about keeping deals private and the risk of killing deals when all the blogs cover them?

A) I will blog about anything anyone can duplicate. While I hope my post does not kill a deal, keeping a deal secret so only a few have a chance to get it I don’t feel is the best way to go. If I find out about it and can show you how to do it I will as I have stated before. In fact, I think we should use technology to spread the information EVEN FASTER (I will blog about this idea soon). However, there are some places I do agree with the hard core points junkies, there are some things only for DO’s. What are they? Ideas that you may or may not get points or even worse you may get zero and just have the cost for the attempt. Or, there may be ideas that are outside the T&C of the program and thus you again you may get points or you may not!

Q) Why don’t you just talk about Delta since that is your blog focus.

A) Since I started the blog, I have always said I will talk about any deal I think is worth your time. The SW Air ones for example. I hope to never fly SW Air, but that does not mean they are not a good airline and have good deals. So, while I try to always have Delta related posts, some days may feature a hotel or another airline or whatever.

Q) Where do you get all the stuff you giveaway on the blog? Do you accept gifts and trips from companies to promote their products?

A) Some of the stuff I get, like the April GoGo swag, I either will ask for or am offered to giveaway on the blog. I do not get payment or credit for this type of “stuff”. I do not get free nights or trips to promote anything. I do not and will not accept free trips, offered only to me, to then promote something on the blog. I blog about what I use and pay for or use on points etc. Some of the stuff I giveaway I pay for out of my pocket or I get for free from points or other ways. I make between $5 to $25 a month off of Amazon from the blog links and buy stuff to give away with those funds. I get a few bucks from Ebates as well and can buy fun things to “give back” to the blog. Either way, I am not “beholden” to any company for anything I write about nor would I accept such a deal. Now if some hotel or airline were to offer me points to giveaway to readers to put up a post about them, that I would think about doing as it would benefit readers! Obviously I do get credit from points cards (thanks for supporting the blog btw) but I also have and use or have had just about all of them at some point as well.

Q) Why do you make it so hard to understand some of the deals and speak in code half the time?

A) This is a great question. It is so very hard to blog with a rookie and an experienced Diamond Medallion flyer in mind each day. I try to find a balance but some concepts will take some study for newer readers and other ideas will just bore a million miler. I hope I find a good balance and mix as I do really try to do this. As to speaking in code, I have in my Essentials tab, under E12, a shortcut for terms. I am sorry if you feel frustrated by abbreviations, but try not to allow this to get to you. Soon you to will be calling airports by their 3 letter code rather than their real name as well!

So I hope this little Q&A is helpful to readers. I sure appreciate the privilege of blogging and it just makes my day when I can help a reader enjoy trips the way my wife and I do or save a few bucks one way or another! – Rene


PS – get ready for some exciting news on the way tomorrow!


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