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Syd-Koster outside Strömstad

I try to never too much shamelessly plug the “old country” Sweden but since I run a blog, ah, this one time, why not!

Have you ever thought about visiting Sweden? Many of my fellow BoardingArea bloggers have and can attest to the fact it is a beautiful county to visit. Not just that, but did you know that seasonally Delta flies a direct flight, DL202, from JFK-ARN (New York to Stockholm)? So what are you doing over the 4th of July weekend? Oh look, there are 100k Skymiles business class seats available on DL202 on the 4th!

You could even have some time in London on the return trip (OK so the return is not as great as the direct flight but it is still at low level miles 😉 )

For me, one of the most amazing and breathtaking things about Sweden is the sunshine. For sunset to be near midnight and sunrise just a few hours later is just stunning as you can see by the photo at my family’s summer place.

I always wake up with a smile there! There is so much to see, eat and do. Most of the people in Sweden speak better English than we do btw so you will have no problems there.  Here is a link to the visit Sweden tourist info page and you can check out Google about Sweden here.

I love this place. I start to count the days each time I leave and can come back again. Have you ever been to Sweden or any part of Scandinavia? I would love to know. Give me a shout out and tell me what you think of today’s shameless plug of the land of the Vikings! – Rene





  1. I spent much of my childhood living in Strömstad and my family now has a flat in Göteborg. I completely agree with you that it is a beautiful country and worth a visit in the summertime! I enjoyed seeing the photo from Koster.

  2. NOOOOOOO don’t tell people! Last thing we want is it to turn into Paris! I lived in Vãxjö and go back 3x a year, always counting the days to get back there!

  3. I loved Stockholm in August a few years ago, and look forward to going back. And ARN is a remarkably convenient airport too.

  4. I once spent a week in Stockholm in January. I have always been curious to know if people are killed by the large icicles falling from 8-story buildings onto the sidewalk? I saw several large icicles crash to the street during the few hours of winter daytime sunlight. The close calls I witnessed with chunks of ice narrowly missing people walking on the sidewalks during my stay made me think there must be some severe injuries.

    Summertime was a preferable experience with the long days of sun.

    Your comment about speaking English is one I observed when I was repeatedly questioned about the meaning of idioms I used when speaking English. A university student asked me what kind of English I speak?

    California-American English, I guess.

  5. I enjoyed it very much. I’m always looking for new places to travel, but mainly in the winter. Been to Asia, Europe, Australia and Central America. Was looking at S. America but if I can get time would very much like to head to this area. Love knowing English is spoken. Thanks Jim

  6. I traveled to Scandinavia plenty when I was a kid, but with unfortunately only one stop in Sweden (Stockholm) and one in Norway (overnight cruise from Copenhagen to Oslo). In our trips around the world, we often flew SAS to Europe, so that meant many stops in Denmark, and plenty of trips to Tivoli. I also remember that my brother and I would sneak sugar cubes at the lounge in Copenhagen, likely much to the chagrin of my parents, but we behaved ourselves pretty well on the flights.

    I love Scandinavia and now with the knowledge I’ve gained with miles and points hope to get back there again after so many years.

  7. Tusen Tack! Is there a way to get to Stockholm from Rekjavik on Delta or partners?
    nåd och frid! Jim

  8. @Ric – Yes you must be careful in town in winter time. They have had some real problems as of late and even a death! Yes, we do talk kinda funny here in the Midwest and California, you all really talk funny there! 😉

  9. yes we really enjoyed Stockholm and also did Helsinki. From Helsinki we flew to Estonia, a wonderful trip and great memories of Stockholm. When does he weather start getting cold in Sweden?

  10. @norman – right after summer ends, that would be the first two days of July, ( kidding). But what do think is cold? For us who live Scandinavia, cold is when you need two coats not one 😉 – Rene

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