Award Wallet & Delta now track ETV’s & AMEX companion certificates!

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Like most of us somewhat obsessed excited about points, we tend to check our Award Wallet account each day or even a few times each day. I love it when my balance say jumps over the 2 million mark again after dipping down once I redeem a big trip to Sweden or the like.

Today I logged in and saw a new little sub field pop up on the screen. Check this out:

So now, it would seem, you also will see ETV’s as well as your yearly AMEX companion buy one get one free flight certificate if you have one. They put up the expiration date which is very useful since we tend to not check dates much anymore since Skymiles no longer expire!

Anyway, if you do not have a FREE Award Wallet account, go get one. I love mine. As I always recommend, PLEASE pick a VERY VERY VERY hard password that has numbers and symbols in it so no one can guess it and get full access to all your miles accounts! – Rene


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