Elite Status – Skyclub – Priority – GOES – yes we get it, others don’t!

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Most of the thousands of visitors to DeltaPoints each day understand the list above. We get that earning elite status is nice and what it can bring us with our airline. We get that a 3 hr connection is just the right amount of time so we can enjoy time to “decompress” in the Skyclub with a beer or a glass of wine or a soft drink and free wifi. We use the sky priority lane to board an international flight while there are 100+ people glaring at us who have to wait.

Those who fly a ton of BIS (butt in seat miles that is) on Delta are not very happy about all we can get from getting Delta cards. But we know this a fast track way to get higher level status status since our dear airline that keeps beating up Silver Medallions.  I shared some of my thoughts about this fact last month with MICHELLE HIGGINS from the The New York Times about her current piece out this weekend “Have Elite Fliers Been Downgraded?

One thing that I now love more than any of the above is GOES. While I have blogged about how to go about getting GOES before now TSA PRE CHECK is open to all who have GOES as we see also from the NYTimes:

PreCheck is also open to travelers who are enrolled in government trusted-traveler security programs like Global Entry, which provides international travelers with expedited re-entry and the ability to avoid long lines at United States Customs and Immigration checkpoints.

The result is the best of both worlds. You fly through security at check-in and you get to beat the flight crew getting through international customs. I had mine paid for with my AMEX Platinum card and enjoyed $200 in incidentals as well and instant GOLD SPG status! Membership Rewards transfer 1:1 to Delta and do so almost instantly if you need them for an award! Plus you get lounge access for you and two guests.

Bottom line, if you have a round planned this month, why not enjoy the perks that 99% of the flying public just don’t get and will never get. If you also add with your round the 40,000 Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card plus the 40,000 Citi Hilton and you have over 100,000 points plus Silver Status with Hilton hotels! I either have or have had all 3 of these cards and Lisa as well! – Rene

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Æ– Platinum Membership Rewards Card
25,000 points
$100 GOES rebate+$200 incidentals
SPG GOLD status+Lounge access
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