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The above alert went up on as you can see HERE. They say a mouse trap only has to be 10% better than the best one made for it to sell millions! In the same way, we need to be ultra diligent to make sure we never fall victim to these types of phishing e-mails. I get various ones each week supposedly from American Airlines that there has been a schedule change to my itinerary.

Now this is easy to dismiss (plus the fact that the text is so stupid) since I don’t fly American much even though I have almost ½ million points saved up with them from getting Citi cards! A Delta Phishing one, we may be more likely to click the link or the attachment  BEFORE  we think. Please don’t ever do that. If I get notice of a change, I go DIRECT to and then, after I have checked what flights are the best ones for me, I always CALL and ask the rep to change my itinerary accordingly. Lastly, before I hang up I make sure the flights are correct online myself as the best time and chance to make more changes is with that same rep!

Folks we need to be so careful now-a-days! From strange ZERO or $1.00 little charges to one of our many many points cards to e-mails to to texts even phone calls (my mom got one of those recently), never just trust what you see and hear. – René

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