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Today is one of those posts I always mean to write and never get around to, but I had some time on vacation at last to do it. There are so many kool apps or sites I love and use almost every day. So here is my list of some things you may benefit from as well. Then later, I would love for you to comment what TECH you just love and are so happy you found. I am sure some of these you will think, “duh – I have been using these for years”! Great. Now we can use them too! 🙂

I will start with my Android Phone (all are iPhone too I think). These are my favorites:

  • The Delta App naturally – I love it when I fly but print my boarding pass on paper (2x – one to give to rep at the desk when I ask to give up my seat for a bump.)
  • Dolphin browser HD – So much better than any stock Android I have ever used
  • FoxFi – LOVE this to turn my phone into Hotspot at no extra charge if you already have a data plan on the phone that is.
  • WiFi File Transfer – again no cord and sends files just great.
  • Skype app – love calling worldwide free when I can find wifi

Next my PC. I am not a MAC guy so no idea what you all use.

  • SSD (Solid State drive). Laptop & desktop both run SSD. Until you try SSD you don’t know what you are missing! Seriously. Go get one and replace your old hard drive (you may need a geek to help you). They will make ANY new or old computer 2-20x faster. They are just that fast!
  • Looking at the blog I know you all use Firefox or Safari so no need to go on there.
  • I also love Foxit PDF Reader as it is a much faster PDF reader than Adobe. Speaking of Adobe. Do you have print to PDF? PDF Creator let’s you “print” anything to a PDF so you can save, say, a credit card app to a PDF and not need to print it to paper.
  • And if you do a “print screen” i.e. prt sc button on your keyboard, you can then paste in a screen shot and use PAINT.net software that is one of the best free photo editors anywhere.
  • Need a good free burner software? CDBurnerXP works for most jobs I have found
  • Also most know about OpenOffice.org that let’s you work on and save stuff in MS Office format.

Lastly a few great web sites that I use when I am on the go all the time.

  • The first is LogMeIn. With this I can run my home computer like I am there. My bank does not “freak out” that I am using a strange computer from, say, Sweden as it still thinks I am home.
  • I always want MAX MQM’s when I buy a ticket so I ALWAYS check with CWSI net’s calculator to make sure I am not missing some!
  • And since web sites seem to be down all the time, this one is a way to find out if it is you or not before you e-mail that there is an issue – downforeveryoneorjustme.

So there you go. I know today does not have much to do with Delta, but we all use our phones and PC’s to work on points and why not do it better with the above. Got some idea of stuff you just LOVE LOVE LOVE and use each day and are so happy you found? Share them with me and DeltaPoints readers please! – Rene


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  1. I actually have most of boarding area’s blogs opened simultaneously on Chrome (on average I have about 30-40 tabs opened at any time, all the time, since I never turn off the computer)> Other sites include FlyerTalk and a few other forums related to points and miles. I also run an SSD on the desktop, and use Dolphin HD on my phone. I can’t live without Skype, since my girlfriend lives in Belgium and I’m in Atlanta, hence why I got into collecting miles to visit her. I found this today via Frugaltravelguy.com, seems pretty useful:


  2. Nice post. I knew I was missing speed with the SSD’s. I’m sold !
    By the way I use chrome on my PC and safari on my iPad.

  3. I’m trying not to turn this into a tech forum or Mac vs Windows vs Linux (I use em all, so not selling anything :-)), but if you’re traveling and end up having to use an unfamiliar computer here are a couple of quick comments on what Rene said:

    OpenOffice (and similar, like NeoOffice) is available for Mac and Linux as well. The functionality of all the other PC software you mention is already built in to Mac OS X. SSD’s, of course, will work on whatever system you have, though their capacities can be quite a bit less for the money.

    There is no official iPhone app to turn them into hotspots, though if you pay your carrier plenty it’s built in to the iPhone. If you “jailbreak” your iPhone then there are possibilities.

    Other than the Delta app, of course, some iPhone software I like includes FlightBoard, ITA/Google’s “OnTheFly”, and SeatGuru. A new one I’m just looking at has a cute name of “App in the Air” and looks interesting — kind of like a Tripit Pro replacement without the ongoing cost. I have many more travel apps but that’s a start!

  4. Im a Mac guy. They come with most of the same or similar stuff. Except the iPhone hotspot on an existing data plan. For that I was lucky enough to get in on the purchase of the Tether app before it got pulled but most are stuck with an up charge from the carrier.

    Agreed on the SSD. Never going back. Impossible. The speed is ridiculous.

  5. I don’t use a PC, but use Chrome browser on my mac. Also, if you (or your readers) have a phone with Android 4.0 ICS (or an ICS rom), then check out the google Chrome Browser – light years ahead of most of the other browsers available for android and it syncs with your google account!

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