So what do you do when meet your minimum spend and what does it do to your credit?

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Sign-Up Bonuses

It is a strange “game” we play with points. There are many who ONLY sign up for a card to get the bonus and then never ever use the card again. I am not like that. I have a core group of cards I do use a bunch for all kinds of purchases. Sure they do things to motivate me like Chase with the Freedom 5% bonus that changes all the time. But for me spending on my AMEX Reserve card is a necessity to make $60k a year to get my MQM bonus. But more than that, I use my Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card in restaurants many times to get 2 points and when traveling outside the USA to avoid international transaction fees. But is this all there is too it? I ran across this article the other day, “How Credit Card Inactivity Impacts Your Credit Scores“. There were a few things that caught my attention. The first was:

“The knee-jerk answer is, “it doesn’t”, but that leaves too much meat on the bone. Account inactivity CAN have an impact on your credit, but it would be indirect.”

Now what caught my attention was not what you perhaps think it was. In my interview with Rick The Frugal Travel Guy a few weeks back he told us we are “being watched” by the banks.

But for me, I want more than just the BONUS when it comes to DELTA AMEX cards. I will always try to have a Delta AMEX for all the benefits it gives me like the yearly free companion certificate that I try to always use (I did let one slip last year and it bugs me still).

But another great benefit when you USE the card, is you are more than likely going to get a retention bonus for keeping the card as you can see HERE.

The funny thing is at the exact same time as I am writing this, I got an e-mail from a reader Dave who just got 15,000 Skymiles for keeping his Reserve card. Well done Dave! But that makes my point, if we use the cards, it helps our credit rating and we have the chance for even more points. So take my advice and USE the cards (and always pay them off 100% in FULL) as much as you can for maximum value! – Rene


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