Just how bad can a bird strike be to a Delta Jet

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As you can see from the photo above of a CRJ-200, planes big and small as well as birds big and small, cause all sorts of damage to the aluminum / composite tubes we jet around in.

So what would it look like if a jet just taking off sucked a bird into an engine. There is a remarkable youtube clip you can look at here and see one possible result.


Most of us are aware of the dramatic bird strike video DL1063  jet that a first class passenger took during take off (bad flyer for using electronics during takeoff).


Delta jets are completely capable of flying on just one engine and for long distances. Your chances of losing both are very rare indeed.

Boeing has a very good post about bird strikes and is worth the read. It sums up the post with this:

“Bird strikes have always been a part of aviation. While they usually cause no more than minor damage, they can pose a threat to air safety. By being aware of the ongoing possibility of bird strikes and by following recommended procedures, flight crews can reduce the possibility and effects of a bird strike.”

So while the pictures and video can be scary, always remember that it is far more dangerous to drive to the airport than to get on a Delta jet. If you make it to the airport, that is when you can truly sit back,  relax and enjoy your flight! – René


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  1. Wow scary stuff. Big credit to the professionalism of the Thompson pilot and crew on this. Never did seem to hear any panic from them on the audio.

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