Ever spend time searching for aviation clips on YouTube?

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I get a bunch of fun bespoke video clips from readers. Some are funny, others are wow and I save them. Here are some that I think you may enjoy or be amazed by as you have some free time on a Sunday!

I think is one of the koolest I have ever seen of planes “crawling” all across our blue planet:

Then a similar one, but with the earth cut flat. I like the round one above better:

And this seems like a lot of planes, but there is a lot of air up there right? This, to me anyway, seems very close or what do you think?:

What about above the planes? Check out all the space junk and more.

Some days I am happy we can not hear ATC on Delta jets (I think they call it channel 9 on United?):

And to finish, any landing you can walk away from right?

Have a great weekend everyone and fly safe! – Rene

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