Sweepstakes top 10 Saturday & I promise someone wins today!

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I admit it, I really want to win one of these and this is another chance to get to know your Delta Points blogger. Now before you guess, like the Top Gear one that would have just been over the top Uber-kool, I just added up at all my points (Lisa+mine) and am sitting on over 2.3 million all-in (gosh you can get a ton of points from cards). So I can go anywhere I want and stay just about for free. So here is this month’s top 10 list:

  • Want to go to Hawaii there is one HERE
  • Some time at a spa in Arizona is HERE
  • Want to dive in Australia it is HERE
  • A chance to see “Chopped” in NYC is HERE
  • Like Six Flags? Win tickets HERE
  • $2500 cash could buy a nice trip somewhere HERE
  • Win Coke reward points (follow directions for free entry) is HERE
  • Choice of nice warm places to go with this one HERE
  • A trip to Scotland is HERE
  • A FB one to Thailand (really just a $4000 AMEX card) is HERE

Now I said I promise someone wins today. So guess which one above I want to win (you don’t have to be right and I will post your answers late all at once) for a chance to win some Delta Points swag including a T-Shirt, luggage tag and a Delta Air Lines “Tail” Key chain! – René

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  1. $2500 cash. Cause although miles are nice, “plain, ordinary” cash is much better (as long as u have enuf of it 🙂 )

  2. I was going to say the Spa trip until I read it includes daily “self discovery” classes…who would want to submit themselves to that on vacation!! So a chance to go play with the monkeys in St. Kitts has got to be the one!

  3. Thailand would be an awesome trip. I would love to go on a trip to Thailand. love to go!

  4. Thailand! I used to have no interest in that part of the world but now it looks pretty cool.

  5. I think you might be a secret Food Network fan. Watching chopped and eating at one of the chefs restaraunts would be a fun experience .

  6. First I thought the $4,000. AMEX, but Austalia sounds better and could cost more than that anyway.

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