Delta Jet Service – since when? and more Delta SWAG on the way today!

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In my recent Sweden trip report I shared with all of you how we get around on the little island on Koster, on 3 wheeled mopeds. When it comes to odd or different things to drive, it’s one of my favorites because it’s fun, but I’ve also always wanted to drive the Chicago Blackhawks Zamboni just because it looks so kool.

I can’t honestly say that driving the jet bridge is on my list of odd or different things I’ve always wanted to drive, and don’t you just love it when your flight is greeted by jet bridge training day for the poor struggling gate agent trying to get it lined up to the door again and again and again?

Now I could totally see the fun of getting to “push” a Delta 747 around. It would be a bit strange to back it around the airport but wow would it be fun to try that some day or am I just weird in this? ( but you never want to break a 747 right?)

53 years ago our airline entered the jet age with the July 22 delivery of the DC-8 and then began service on September 18, 1959. When the DC-8 arrived in Atlanta it pulled up to Delta’s – and ATL’s – very first passenger jet bridge.

This was also when Delta introduced the triangular logo – affectionately referred to as the widget” – that we all recognize. It was intended to resemble the swept wing appearance of a Delta jet flying overhead.

So what about you, ever driven a jet bridge? A Zamboni? Something even more odd? Tell me the most odd thing you have ever driven in your life for a chance to win some more Delta SWAG today as I will do a random draw some time tomorrow –  Sunday –  morning! – René

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  1. One of the best jobs I ever had was working at an ice arena in Minnesota, where I grew up. The Zamboni was lots of fun to drive…but there’s a lot of pressure to, when you are resurfacing the ice in between periods!

  2. I got to drive my husband’s mid life crisis! A 1953 British roadster. Everyone looked at it!! I also drove my husband crazy!

  3. Drove a zamboni all through high school as an ice rink manager it was a blast on the ice. craziest thing was driving it not on the ice but down the road to Ford dealer for engine service it was an after thought that the road and studded tires might not get along.

  4. A car rental shuttle bus around JFK AP! Did one loop around the AP that was crazy! Traffic making it difficult to maneuver people waving you downfrom a pick up. The Delta terminal was like a black hole you never knew how long it would take you to ge out of there!

  5. I drove a zamboni many times…going up in the state of hockey it’s a way of life!

  6. Nothing unusual. I’ve always lived by why drive when you you can be driven. Shotgun!

  7. I drove a Standardbred racehorse. It was quite a thrill flying down the track in the sulky (a light two wheeled cart) behind one of these horses.

  8. The weirdest that I ever drove was a parade glossary when I was in college. 🙂

  9. I have driven a dog sled on a frozen Alaskan river. Beautiful team of white Samoyeds, and I owned them ALL 🙂

    Ps: no engine noise !

  10. I haven’t driven any odd thing yet …but would love to fly a plane some day 😛

  11. I got to learn how to drive the Casey Jr. Circus Train at Disneyland. That was a fun job.

  12. Funny you mention the jet bridge. On my last trip into LGA, the gate agent literally tried to drive the jet bridge for 20 minutes, pushing and pulling back and forth, back and forth, touching the planes at times, before giving up and switching us one gate over. Yup it took her 20 minutes, with the whole plane of people standing in aisle and watching her, to realize that she was either incompetent or something was wrong. We were delayed by that for 30 minutes, for a what-was 2h hour flight… And no, it was not training day.

  13. Um, “52 years ago our airline entered the jet age” and began service 9/18/1959. Help me out here. Does 2012 minus 1959 equal 52? That DRIVES me crazy!

  14. I have always wanted to drive a zamboni (just like the song) but alas, I never have had the chance. I “drove” an Amish buggy once and my grandma taught me to drive a truck when I was 12-so I could help on the farm-pretty boring I guess.

  15. I got to ride the baggage carousel the whole way around, outside through the loading area and all. Hopped on it one time when I was a kid.

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