Ever think about stowing away on a Delta Jet? What could possibly go wrong?

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Most of us can remember the stowaway “bat” on a Delta jet from August last year. Or maybe even the mouse from 2009 that delayed a Delta 747!

These stowaways are mostly funny, but not so funny for those who were affected by nature imposing itself on our techno-travel life not to mention the CDC wanting to talk to them afterwards. But what about humans? Let’s see, do you think it is a good idea to try to say stowaway in the wheel well of a Delta jet? No! As you can see, this is a really, really bad idea and you will likely end up dead.

And what is it like up there without all the nice things we’ve come to enjoy in the nose of a Delta jet? Look at what it was like during WW2 with no pressurization and heat or oxygen in the cabin!


What is most shocking to me is just how many people try this. And there have been the few here and there on short hops who have survived this stupid attempt!

And even when these people try to stowaway on-board, they can expect to have a nice room at “Club FED” once the plane lands and could spend many years in a tiny little room much smaller than a CRJ.

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