Shhhhh don’t tell anyone, I have a new love in my life! (it’s Hertz btw) – the perfect rental!

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I don’t rent cars often. I rent like 2 or 3 times a year and that is it, but I needed one for my Hungarian family reunion trip. For the past 10+ years I have rented each and every time from Alamo. Why? Price and just because I always do. Guess what, not any more after this part two, the perfect rental, following after my perfect trip with Delta part one.

This time, thanks to the Hertz #1 club gold (free for anyone right now btw) I got from the AMEX PLATINUM card , a benefit just having the card get’s you along with SPG GOLD status free, free GOES and $200 in incidental airline fees and free lounge access. So, I tried Hertz for the first time.

Now some of what I am about to say many of you will just laugh at and say that is the way it is, but to me this was a BIG DEAL and I am like the kid who for the first time ever tasted an ice-cream sandwich!

I was able to stack my USAA insurance code with an online $25 discount code resulting in a 4 day full size car rental for $101 all in! And it got even better as when the final bill was printed it was only $92 all-in. Crazy good price! [EDIT: 10% off was due to my DELTA Business AMEX OPEN automatic discount I did not know about at the time!]

Now this is more than about the price. When I landed, I got a nice text from Hertz telling me my car was in slot 122 and that the paper work was either in the car or at the guard gate. They told me the car type and color (it was a Chevy Captiva SUV and I loved it)! No counter, no person to push “junk” I do not need, just take the car and go. HELLO ICE-CREAM SANDWICH.

I so loved this. Seriously! I smiled for like an hour after pickup. I have never in my life looked forward to renting a car, but can not wait for my next Hertz experience and I want to make sure this was not a fluke and that every Hertz rental is this good (I know you frequent renters are just laughing at me like a 4 yr old but that is AOK).

So if you don’t have Hertz #1 club GOLD, get it some way and try them. Is anyone else in love with this company? Maybe it is just first date infatuation; gosh I hope not as this is the koolest thing since… well you know! – René


PS – tomorrow I cover my hotel stay.
It was less than perfect like the air and car!


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  1. Welcome to the world of “easy” car rentals. Avis is almost as good if your a preferred member but hertz is really the best. Not always the cheapest but the best and the best points program for rental cars IMHO

  2. @Daninstl – yes to all you said and I have been enjoying sending my e-Rewards to them for a few months and have a very nice total growing now! 😉

  3. National Executive level is also free for Amex Plat cardholders. I consistently have absolutely the same good experience as you have had with Hertz.

  4. I totally agree with Bill. I only cars a few times a year, but National Executive status is fantastic. In the airports that I’ve been to, I’ve always been able to get a premium class car for the cost of a midsize. National also lets you stack multiple coupons. Last year Hertz was matching National Executive status to Hertz Five Star status. I’ve had great customer service with Hertz and National, but I prefer the “choose your own car” model built into National’s DNA.

  5. ditto on National Executive. If you’ve made a reservation, just walk into the lot, pick any car you want, and drive away with it. Hassle-free!

  6. Hertz now has Choice Gold, if you do not like the car they picked for you, then you can pick any other car in that area and drive off. I did that twice this year already!

  7. Hertz is worldwide…..and the Gold status works in every country……an excellent program I’ve had for over 15 years…….and the best part is no lines!

  8. As a Hertz loyalist and 5 Star, I’m not laughing AT you..I completely share your sentiments and glad you had a great experience. Yeah, the points you noted have become second nature to me now and don’t seem like a big deal anymore. However, I must admit that I still get a little excited about Gold Choice:) GC allows you pick ANY one of the set aside vehicles in the “GC” area to drive instead of the “ONE” that they reserve for you. So, yeah while I love the lil emails about which car has been reserved for me, I almost Always head straight to GC and pick something better (depending on what mood I’m in).

  9. I always use the USAA discount codes for both hertz and avis. I have had great experiences with both of them, domestically and internationally.Being Avis preferred and Herts#1, can always walk to the screen pick my name out and go. My card is always charged for the amt only. No cc holds at all. Only hertz does $200 hold sometimes for some reason. Avis has never done so.

  10. I completely agree! And, for those of you younger jet-setters, Hertz offers a CDP for Gold members to waive the underage fee. It is applied on return of the car, but still a great value for anyone 21-24 years old.

  11. I always rent from Hertz, even when it costs a couple of extra bucks. The convenience of #1 is close to priceless, and any FF points owed post reliably and quickly. It’s a class act.

    If you have an Amex card with OPEN savings, once you’ve done $500 in business with Hertz in a calendar year, then there’s a 5% rebate on the next $2500 in transactions. That’s not too shabby, either.

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