United 4 mile mistake fare, card churns and Delta mistake fare – when is it too much?

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This has been a crazy and fun week in the frequent flyer world. A calm and quiet Sunday afternoon was interrupted shattered by who knows how many booking 1st class United trips to Hong Kong! United started with just DUMPING a comment on both Flyer Talk and Mile Point. I don’t know when these two “mega blogs” became the place for the planet to get “official” airline news! The “major media” has started to find out this story as you can see HERE and HERE and HERE. But if you had a reservation pending, and you check now you will see it is GONE unless you start to fly by tomorrow or Saturday! Will it end here? Who knows what is next but I think this has been over for days as you can see by the poll I have up for a while on the right. It was fun to dream of where to stay!

Next, the reaction to my “current” churn has been fun. To churn or not is a very personal choice. As I blogged about, we all need to look at our personal goals. And then, in combination with what cards and how many we went for last, all that goes into influencing the choice of cards for us to go for next.

I have bragged about my 100% approval rate for a very long time now. But I am not perfect by a long shot! A while back I did attempt to get a new AA BIZ card but was shot down by CitiBank even with calls and letters to reconsideration departments. This was not due to my credit or anything else, but because I “held” the card already and it had only been just 13 months since I got it last time. I will not make that mistake again and will keep better track as I am a “greedy little churner“! Being meticulous plus knowing the rules and keeping good records can help you and here is where having an OCD wife is just the BEST!

Then on to my insanity opportunity to earn 35,000 Delta MQM’s for living on Delta Jets for 24/7. Is this a little crazy? Maybe. I do hope for upgrades on my 28 legs of the adventure and thanks to my Delta Reserve card I will get free breakfasts & showers in the Delta SkyClubs . What cooks my brain is if the Hong Kong trip happens to come back for some reason, I will fly Wednesday to Hong Kong, arriving late Thursday night. Then spend 3 days in Hong Kong & fly home late Sunday/Monday arriving around noon EST. Then, the next day, drive to PIT to start an LAX mileage run on Delta. I will be recovering from flying United to Hong Kong, by flying Delta to California? Things that make you go hummm….. I also freely admit I intend to will “bend” my stand on ETV’s on just that one of my three mileage runs, not because I have changed my position, but because I would treasure a day to sleep in a hotel over flying for a day by then!

Maybe there is a job opportunity here and something missing in airports. Next to the Skyclub & OraOxygen Spa, they could open a walk in Psychiatric clinic for those like me for treatment. (I just hope I can earn points, 2x or 3x for each session with bonus points for first time visitors and pay with my Delta AMEX card 🙂 ) – Rene


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  1. If I could do a portion of what you do………
    I would DO it!!!!
    I aspire to reach a fraction of your
    Delta flying MQMs, and a bit of increased
    Understanding  to get there!
    You are the BEST!!!

  2. @HansGolden – yeah, I often also brag about how great it is to live in SBN, but I would have to make 2 legs to get to PIT so i will just drive. 🙁

  3. “but because I “held” the card already and it had only been just 13 months since I got it last time. I will not make that mistake again and will keep better track ”

    So what was the mistake here with the AA business card: not closing the existing card or waiting only 13 months?

  4. @M – most are reporting that 18 months is the “defacto” wait for AA cards to get a new card bonus. And I will personally take the step to close it before I get the new one too.

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