An increasing BUG at – “Request Entity Too Large”

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I am on a bunch. Many many times a day in fact either booking or checking flights etc. I have been seeing with more and more regularity this bug showing up:

There are a few comments on the “bug” part of FlyerTalk like this one here. I guess this is a shout out post to ask is it just me or are we all seeing this bug pop up more and more as of late? I would love to get some feedback from readers. – René

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  1. Never seen that bug. But I often have a lot of trouble trying to search multi-city itineraries. And I’m speaking of paid multi-city itineraries.

  2. The entire website is basically one big bug. Why do you think flyertalk calls it delta.dumb?

    Delta hasn’t shown much interest in fixing it, especially the broken award calendar, so I’ve just accepted they will always have a bad product

  3. That happens to me a lot, less so recently, most commonly in seat selection. Happens to me mostly in Firefox, which is my preferred browser, not sure if it is a Firefox issue or that cookies are building up and causing issues, which aren’t there where I get exasperated and switch browsers.

  4. Have seen in Firefox when trying to submit the final page with payment for a booking a few weeks ago. Used Safari on my IPad instead and worked fine.

  5. Recently, I decided to finally pick one airline for my (relatively) infrequent annual flight patterns (3-6 flights per year usually, transcon). After reading all the blogs (especially this great one!) and reading FT, I chose Delta. I applied and received my shiny new Delta AMEX to lock in the deal, and went to book my first flight in (hopefully) many on this quest. First try, got this error. Tried two additional times and received the same. By that point, the flights I wanted had literally increased in price by $105 per person .
    Thus, I did the waiting game to find other flights at the right price point (while the United flight kept staring at me at a lower cost and better time schedule). After two weeks, another window opened on different flights to same destination at same price that worked well. Tried to book online, and received this same error. Tried a second time and when I got the error, called to book. Delta agents were friendly and helpful, but also charged me $25 for calling in, despite my comment about the website. Eventually, I was able to get the booking fee reversed, but it took two additional calls.
    In the end, they really need to fix this, as it can easily scare off potential customers who are new to Delta or infrequent fliers.

  6. The newbie comment above is from me (different Chris), and I was using both Firefox and IE.

  7. YES! Just seeing the post title made me squirm. I almost pinged you about this to see if you had seen it before!

    50% of my past 10 or so reservations have had this issue. Occurs when checking open seats/modifying, when clicking between legs of the journey. Happens to particular reservations chronically, even on different days of logging in, while others reservations never have the issue.

    Also while booking. Use agent for business trips, but this happened last 2 times I was booking personal on! Once the transaction bombed out before finalizing so I knew I needed to rebook. The other time it took CC info and was processing…so I had no idea so I called Plat line to confirm.

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