Why get the AMEX Delta Reserve Business card? Plus I got “schooled” by the Frequent Miler! (UPDATED)

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It was so much fun to be a speaker at the Ann Arbor “DO” and to get to hear Greg the Frequent Miler speak as well. If you are not reading Greg’s blog, you are missing out on a TON of points. Please add it to your daily blog reads!

Greg spoke a bunch about the INK BOLD card from Chase and all you can do with it. The INK BOLD card is a business card that may be coming out as a new product soon. What does that mean for us? If Chase does that, I can get a chance to apply for the “new” card and get a new card bonus again! That also means if you don’t have the card NOW, it could be a great time to JUMP on this card before the new one comes out. Again, speculation, but you now know what I know.

But we are Delta flyers. I get the question all the time, should I and CAN I get the Delta Reserve Business AMEX card. YES and you can use it to get Skymiles, MQM’s and save a ton of cash as well (note: $450/yr fee)! Also, anyone who, say, has a garage sale or sells on ebay or whatever would naturally want to keep this spending separate and can get the DELTA AMEX business card to do this. This AMEX card is part of the “OPEN” (open savings) program from American express.

 What that means is this. If you use your AMEX business card to buy OVER $250 or more on ONE ORDER at Officemax.com you will get 10% CASH back AND Delta Skymiles for the original purchase amount. This is where it gets fun.  OFFER EXPIRED

You can then buy Officemax gift cards and get free S&H. Once they arrive, take them into the store and use those gift cards to buy Visa gift cards (note some stores get cranky about this but Officemax gift cards should be able to be used to buy anything in the store but please start small and test with your local store)!

Yes, there is a small fee for the Visa gift card ($6.95), but what you have done is earn Skymiles, meet spend toward your $30,000 or $60,000 per year goal to earn extra RDM’s and the coveted MQM’s that come from the  DELTA  AMEX business card. Even if you, say, pay your taxes or in some other way liquidate the Visa gift cards at a few % loss to you, since you started with 10% cash back, you have a lot of room to work with. (I am testing buying them with different shopping portals and will advise for EXTRA points).

UPDATE: OPEN credit posted as you can see:

I hope you followed me here. This is a way to, at worst, meet our spend goal on the card for “NET-FREE” (FM takes this even further if you want btw). You can ONLY get this deal on the business cards that are part of the OPEN program, so you can see why you should  HAVE THIS CARD  instead of, or in addition to, the personal Delta Reserve card.

While we are talking questions and cards, another question I get many times is:  “how do I make sure that you, Rene, Delta Points, get credit for clicking on a link on the blog”?  If you always start on my “Best Points Cards” tab at the top of the blog, and click on the text links, I will get credit and I thank you for this and for supporting the blog! – Rene

Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card
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  1. Hi Rene, I’ve been reading the blog for a while, and I love all the tips you have for maximizing Delta points. I have a follow up question on a post you made a few months ago about monetizing points by redeeming for gift cards in the Skymiles marketplace (as a Delta Amex card holder). You and The Points Guy have recently gotten the US Bank Flex Perks card (as did I; 17500 point in branch signup bonus with $2500 spend in 5 months). My question is, since US Bank is promoting their partnership with Plastic Jungle, are there good values to be had by redeeming for $100 Saks cards at 13000 Skymiles, then cashing those in for Flexpoints with US Bank? Do you have any idea what rates US Bank is using for their Plastic Jungle partnership? I am going to try this soon, but I can’t find any information on the blogs or message boards yet.

  2. @Gideon – thanks for reading the blog! This questions seems a perfect fit for Greg the Frequent Miler. This is more his game than mine. Maybe he will chime in on this later! – Rene

  3. @Gideon: I haven’t seen the specific rates for converting to flexpoints, but in my experience you generally get very bad rates of return from transactions like these.

  4. Thanks for the feedback guys. Since I’m lousy with Skymiles right now, I’ll burn 13000 on one of these and report back on the rate I get from US Bank. If nothing else, I’ll happily pay the miles so this info is out there for other people to use (or stay away from!). I’m sure I’m not the only one this has occurred to, but nobody else had posted anything I could find. If the card gets more popular it’ll be good to have this info out there.

  5. Thanks for all the great info. I was looking into getting a Delta Reserve business card and don’t see the companion ticket benefit. Is it only for the the personal card? Thanks

  6. I love your blog. Just a rookie, so looking for advice.

    I have a PersonalAmex Platinum Skymiles and a regular Amex Platinum. I got the Platinum last year because the Membership Reward points offer was amazing. (I also have the US Bank Flexperks card).

    My thought is to

    1) downgrade the regular Amex to a Green card to keep my Membership Rewards until I use them up.

    2) Upgrade the Personal Skymiles Amex to Reserve

    3) Get the Business Skymiles Delta Reserve

    I’m Platinum this year, but will only be Gold in 2013 and want to have a better chance for earning Platinum in the future.

    Can I get 30K MQMs for each card totaling 60K MQMs if I’m able to make the qualifying purchase amounts? Any other advice??

  7. Hi MSP123 – Txs for reading the blog. On to your questions
    1) How ever you go, downgrade etc, make sure you spend ALL your MR points before you cancel ALL your MR cards as you WILL lose any points with NO MR cards
    2) I am NOT a fan of upgrades. See why HERE: http://deltapoints.boardingarea.com/2012/12/24/upgrade-my-card-or-get-a-new-one-under-current-offer-terms%E2%80%A6/
    3) That would be my play. The link for the BIZ app is INSIDE the personal app page btw.
    Yes to your last question. I get 30,000 MQM’s each year from my AMEX DELTA Reserve card. Read more HERE: http://deltapoints.boardingarea.com/2013/01/01/yikes-today-we-only-have-364-days-to-qualify-for-medallion-status-until-feb2015/

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