Do you have a good EYE Delta Points quick SWAG contest GO!

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OK those of you who check the blog more than once a day, you have quick chance to win some SWAG.

Look at these two Delta 747’s. There are 11 things missing or wrong on the bottom one.

Here is a PDF of the photo if you want to look in greater detail.

Here are the simple rules. You get ONE guess so make it a good one!  Just one, that is all you get! The first person to guess all  11  things that are changed in the comment section below gets a Delta Points T-shirt, luggage tag and a Delta “tail” key chain.

If no one guesses right before I go to bed, then I will check the time stamp and the first one with all 11 right wins! Start guessing – René

EDIT: 9:30PM – Wow that was fast. I have to make these harder next time.

Our winner is: Christeen!

Here is the full list:

1 bottoms of Delta symbol missing
2 tail number gone
3 us flag blue gone
4 cockpit windows missing
5 both air speed sensors gone
6 left wing winglet gone
7 bottom front “fin” gone
8 top front “fin” gone
9 windows under wing gone
10 Front door handle is gone
11 rear door window missing

Well done Christeen I will contact you via e-mail for your prize!

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  1. 1. Tip of wing numbers are missing
    2. Rear door
    3. Rear flag loOking image. The blue part is missing
    4. Left wing tip, the bending part missing
    5. Behind the right wing, windows missing
    6. Right wing tip
    7. Front top of plane, shark fin looking thing missing
    8. Delta logo at front
    9. Bottom front , little piece missing
    10. Front of plane (tip area), beliw windows
    11. Cockpit window

  2. White lettering 6309 missing on top of tail fin
    Rear exit door missing window
    American flag at back is missing stars (and maybe stripes)
    Delta logo in front of plane is missing bottom piece of red triangle
    Winglet is one plane’s left wing
    Door handle missing on second door from the front of plane
    In front of 2nd plane towards bottom there are two air vents (?) missing
    Windows in middle of plane behind the wing are missing
    Top plane shows more of cockpit window
    White antenna (?) on top of first plane
    Piece hanging off bottom near cargo door of first plane is missing on second

  3. 1) Flag Blue Field
    2) 6309 on tail
    3) Rear Door Window
    4) Cockpit window
    5) Sensors near nose of plane
    6) Mid cabin forward door locking handle
    7) Under carriage belly sensor near forward cargo bay door
    8) Left Winglet
    9) Forward sensor on top of plane
    10) Center windows missing near wings
    11) Delta logo

  4. Thank you! I’ve been trying to win one of your contests for a while. Quite happy that I won tonight

  5. 1 6309 on tail
    2 Left Winglet missing
    3 window missing on aft door
    4 flag missing stars
    5 windows aft of right wing gone
    6 antenna missing on top
    7 handle missing on #2 door
    8 bottom of logo missing on front logo
    9 bottom antenna missing
    10 pitot tube missing
    11 aft cockpit window missing

    image with things circled

  6. 1. left wing winglet missing.
    2. Cockpit window
    3. Tail number
    4. Bottom photo brighter than top
    5. Window behind right wing is missing
    6. Bottom front of nose is missing a piece
    7. Delta logo on Hump part of plane
    8. rear door window is blanked out
    9. American flag on rear part of fuselage is missing
    10. Front top fin is missing
    11. Fin under the nose of the plane is missing.

  7. 1. wing tip on the far wing is missing
    2. number on the tail
    3. Delta logo
    4. Flag in front of the rear door
    5. missing one cockpit window

    (at this point, I almost feel like my answers are Mike’s answers)

    6. rear door window
    7. windows behind the wing are missing
    8. nub above the top door is missing
    9. whisker looking things below the windows under the cockpit are missing
    10. door in front of the engine is missing a handle
    11. nub underneath the plane approximately under the D is missing

  8. 1. Tail # missing
    2. Stars missing from flag
    3. Wing tips missing
    4. Rear door window missing
    5. Middle 4 windows missing
    6. Missing pilots window
    7. Area under 5th window (maybe vents) missing
    8. Antenna (white fin near upper door) missing
    9. Lower piece of Delta emblem missing
    10. Door handle on 2nd door missing
    11. Bottom front little piece hanging down is missing (at bottom of plane, straight down from D in Delta)

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