Delta Points wading into controversy! Question – would you subscribe to TEXT deal alert service?

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I have a question for you all, but first “let’s poke a bear with a stick” and see how worked up I can get everyone today! What am I talking about? Just this:

One of the biggest complaints against us, bloggers that is, is that we “kill deals” by telling them to the masses. We get an e-mail or tips from readers or see the deal crop up some place like Mile Point or Flyer Talk and then tell readers to go do it fast. Then the yelling begins that this deal would have gone on for YEARS had we not put it on the web (OK I exaggerate just a little bit, but make my point)!

My stand, as you all know, is if you want a deal to stay “secret” you had better not tell me or hope I find out about it as I will blog about it if you, the reader, can repeat or do it. I have stated that I think we should not only get the deal out there, but try to get them out EVEN faster. To use technology to spread the word so fast that we can all jump on what ever “deal” is out there before it goes away (as it always does at some point BTW).

To that end, I have an idea about doing just that. The idea is to text your phone as soon as a deal comes out so you know it is live and to go check out the blog ASAP! Take a look at this:

This software just accesses my phone to send out the texts. I would add another cell phone to my plan and then get the software for a few month test license. It would cost me no more than $25/month the way I see it (less if we like it and keep it long term).

So I want to know, at no charge, if you would be interested in signing up to get a text message from Delta Points when just such an event happens (please  DO NOT  start sending me your phone number YET ). It would NOT be every day text, or maybe even each week, and some times it may not even be every month (my guess would be around 1-3x a month). I would use the “text alert” ONLY for deals like the Hong Kong deal, an awesome mileage run opportunity or a chance to get a great deal on points. You could naturally unsubscribe anytime you want as well.

So there you are. This is not a done deal and I have not done anything yet. This is just an idea and I want some feedback. Do you like the idea? Please let me know what you think and keep it civil.  – René


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  1. This would work well for me. Right now I check RSS about once a day so I might not know about a deal until too late. However, Delta will probably sign up for your alerts, too, to keep tabs on what’s being discussed on blogs.

  2. Good idea, bad implementation. Save your money and hassle. Let me show you how to send text messages for free (and legally!).

  3. @Z – if we do test this, I will be sure to email you. Txs!
    @deb – yes, thought about that. This fly in the face of “don’t call the airlines”! But, they all check the blogs & FT anyway. I put up a “bug” post on FT once a while back and the company rep was one of the FIRST to comment on it! It takes a while for “IT” to do anything and we can jump before that happens is my thinking. – Rene

  4. Yes…but the texts would have to be solely for really good airline deals. If it turns into a platform for second-rate credit card pitches I’m out.

  5. @terry – as stated, only for deal. I would NOT use the text alert for a credit card post/pitch. NOW, the exception would be if they had a BUMP the bonus deal as these tend to go away FAST. I would assume that kind would be OK with you and others?

  6. I’m kind of with Terry on this. I like deals, but the 40x skymiles deal with the pet website is not something I thought was worth the effort of looking for something to buy (i dont have a pet) and then resell. Is that a deal? I guess so. Is that somethingI would want to receive a text message about? No, not really. So I think a lot of this depends on your criteria of a deal.

    Would you blog and text about deals or just text it?

  7. Add me to the yes’s. But, you will still probably be sending texts to the airline reps as well (just disguised as one of your enthusiastic readers).

  8. @Truthiness – I very much like your first part. The 40x Pet deal is good for many but not all. Is it “text worthy”? I think if we do this, I can tweak it with feedback so no stress. As to the next, what I have in my head is that I will just text something like “go to Frequent Miler” like his Target deal or if I post a deal “go to Delta Points”. Again, just brain storming at this point so your comment is VERY helpful – Txs!

  9. You can accomplish the mass texting by creating an email distribution group in Gmail or Yahoo Mail (Mail Client). You can then gather people’s numbers and send out that way.

    I think Z stated above, but DO NOT pay for texting serices. Definetly no not pay for another cell phone. All this can be accomplished pretty easily and for free.

    Please email me if you need help.

  10. I would sign up but many times I read your posts on my cell phone so maybe I should just ramp up my attention to your posts as they come out. Good idea though I think.

  11. I’d probably say yes as long as it wasn’t a frequent thing. Personally, I’d prefer email because I’m not a big texter. But text would be fine.

  12. Love this idea! Those in the deal blog biz are doing this already and it works great. Definitely don’t pay extra as others mentioned. Can’t wait to sign up!

  13. I’d be excited for real-time notification of any time sensitive or potentially short lived deals to my phone.

  14. Spammer!!! LOL!! Just kidding. I would love to get those deals on my phone ASAP.

  15. Definitely in. I do think the texts should be things only of a very time sensitive nature. (I’d probably miss them anyhow. I’m working on a computer all day and I already miss them!)

  16. I would definitely subscribe, but only if it was limited to deal alerts like the recent Hong Kong incident with United or the wide open Singapore Airlines award availability.

  17. I like the idea. I dont’ have immediate access to the blogs, forum post or twitter updates during the day but I always have my phone. I don’t want to miss out!

  18. Yes, if some of the deals are actually from your own initiative. If you will simply copy flyertalk threads, like it seems you do, I think it would be disrespectful to those posting the deals, and would speed up the frustrations of people saying bloggers ruin everything.

    Bloggers should bring something NEW to the table, not copy everything.

  19. Well yeah!

    “…and would speed up the frustrations of people saying bloggers ruin everything.”

    Tyler, to me, this is like saying the police cause crime. Bloggers do not ruin everything, they inform.

    I want to know ASAP.



  20. If the airlines are smart, someone on their team is posing as an interested reader and will sign up for your notifications. I like the idea, but I am unsure if it will accomplish anything other than instant notification IF your phone is nearby.

  21. I like the text idea but I’m assuming all of your readers have smartphones – why not just send out an additional email to the mailing list with an “urgent” subject line and the details in the message?

  22. I think it’s a fantastic idea! I’d love to sign up for the service when it becomes available.

  23. Yes count me as a client. I applied for the 50K BA CC before becoming aware through Mommy Points that there was a better offer w/o a big spend and therefore lost out on the second 50k points on the card. And yes I d/n check FlyerTalk before applying.

  24. Do it! Then all deals will be done, as airlines will immediately find out! Way to ruin things!

  25. @HansGolden – you know I had done that in the past! Duhh. Perfect. I will do some tests with blind texts to my and lisa’s phones then set this up from email as it looks like most want to try this. Thanks! Rene

  26. One word: Twitter

    Save yourself the hassle of setting up something this convoluted. Subscribers can follow you on twitter and have tweets sent to their phone if they choose.

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