$20 AMEX & Best Buy / Twitter deal with a nice payback

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There are a few steps to this but it may be worth your time. Take a look at this HERE.

From all reports, you can buy a $200 BestBuy gift card and get the $20 credit! Now you should read this post about earning EXTRA points from BestBuy HERE.

In this case, I would NOT use the Skymiles shopping portal as they forbid the purchase of gift cards to get points. What I have found is the British Airways shopping portal, while it too forbids points for gift cards, DOES tend to pay out points on just about ANY BestBuy purchase but YMMV. HERE is the link for that:

So here are the steps.

1) Sign up for a BestBuy Rewards Zone card
2) Register your AMEX with twitter, tweet & wait for confirmation
3) Start at the British Air shopping portal
4) Go to Best Buy and buy $200 gift card
* EDIT: Reader Steve suggests TopCashBack works – YMMV

Now the terms say you can earn Rewards Zone points when buying BB gift cards but not when you spend the BestBuy gift cards. But you can always try repeating the list above and see on the round two if you get BA & BB points again when you spend the card.

Either way you could earn, $20 back, 200+ BA points, 200+ points with what ever AMEX points credit card you use and just about enough points for a $5 credit from reward zone (spend $250 get $5 code from Reward Zone)!

A mini-deal, not text “ALERT” worthy, but still worth the effort if you are planning on buying something at Best Buy soon anyway! – René


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Best Credit Cards


  1. Data point. I have made a purchase through topcashback.com with a gift card.
    Got 7% cashback.

  2. Any idea if you can buy an e-Gift Card or does it need to be a physical gift card?

  3. @Bill – just do not know. I would guess it would work, but all reports of success are real gift cards. They do ship free to all. Rene

  4. Unless you have a specific item in mind from BBY, IMHO the best use for this is a $200 Amazon Kindle GC (good for anything on the Amazon site). 10% off on Amazon is a great find. If you’re like me and have more than one Twitter account and more than one AMEX card, you can double up here as well…

  5. Correction: You cannot use “Whatever points credit card you use”. It must be the AMEX card you used when syncing AMEX with Twitter.

  6. @rene @steve – your opinion of which is better – topcashback vs BA portal? topcashback.com will award money back on gift card purchase? web site says, “6%
    Cashback on Bestbuy, Excluding gift cards and services which do not qualify for cashback.” BA portal does pay out on gift card purchases YMMV? Or am I not understanding Steve right… thanks in advance!

  7. @steve – did you buy a gift card via Topcashback or did you pay with a gift card via Topcashback? Pretty big distinction. Assuming you bought a gift card, how long ago was this (in case they fixed their systems now).

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