The demise of COMAIR helped my mileage run – I ♥ schedule change!

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When the $137 – 5000 MQM deal for PIT-LAX popped up I went all-in. I went fast, as I do when the deals are good. What I should have done is book them ALL the same on the tightest connections as I did with the first two run day.

My thinking at the time was, make it fun by going to as many airports as I could for better blogging reports. What I should have been thinking was schedule change extraordinaire. So, now that COMAIR is no more in two months, my first run is impossible out of PIT the way it was booked. I attempted to get my flights moved to SBN departure. I know that was a big ask, but since I have had a change as far as Louisville to SBN, why not try. That did not work, but I was given the choice of ANY airport in the state of OHIO as my gateway city.

Cleveland is less than 4 hours away so that will save me 2 hours of driving each way. Plus, I can go CLE-DTW-LAX-DTW-CLE. I will retain the 5000 MQM (4958)

Also I have a nice layover in LAX for dinner each day and in DTW on the way back to shower in the the Skyclub in the AM before the next day’s run. Perfect. Just perfect. But, I could only get the first one changed. The others were mostly booked on Delta metal and the few other flights were changed over to Pinnacle or Delta metal. I also could have asked to go CLE-JFK-LAX-JFK-CLE, but the few hours of non-air time are worth more to me than the extra MQM’s (900 extra per round trip run, hummm, if I end up 1800 short next year I will regret this choice)!

Anyway, my point in today’s post is not to brag but to make you think and understand what you can ask for once the mighty schedule change happens. You can ask for anything (you may not get it), and most times you will find something that will work better for you. After all, it is now DELTA that must make your trip work for you at this point! – Rene.

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  1. You’re nuts to drive that far for a mile run.

    I always try to get the JFK-CA flights for the better equipment.

  2. Hi Rene
    Great post !
    So I read this here on blog…
    I wonder what’s going on with e mail?
    MQM s rule!!!!

  3. @rene – i’m so confused. your first run was PIT-LAX and it somehow involved comair? out of PIT? how is that really a mighty schedule change rather than a defunct airline change?

  4. @D – no matter what the reason, downsize, route change, aircraft change, you name it, my point is, when the schedule changes, you can ask what you want. Clear? – Rene

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