A passenger boards DELTA AIR LINES flight 5106 yesterday with another person’s boarding pass!

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Yesterday, Delta regional partner Express Jet DBA Delta Connection DL5106 from Atlanta, GA to Wilmington, NC (ATL-ILM) 31JUL2012 returned to the gate to deplane a passenger who had boarded the flight with another passenger’s boarding pass.

According to sources, a male business passenger was cleared through security with his own boarding pass, but when flight irregularities occurred due to weather in the Atlanta area yesterday he was given another boarding pass by a gate agent. He then used this boarding pass to board the flight to Wilmington rather than his intended destination Chattanooga, TN. The passenger did not realize he was on the wrong flight and that he had another passenger’s boarding pass until after the flight had pushed back from the gate and was taxiing toward the runway. At this point the passenger alerted the flight attendant and the flight turned back and went to an open gate for the passenger to deplane.

The flight departed Atlanta 47 minutes late at 5:10PM arriving in Wilmington at 6:32PM according to Delta.com web site as seen below.

According to Delta spokesman Morgan Durrant, Delta is ” investigating this reported instance right now and will take appropriate action based on our findings.”


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  1. I’ve been “that guy” before.

    Once as an absent minded teenager, I was supposed to be flying from Denver to Detroit. The door closed and the FA was welcoming everyone to their flight to San Diego. My nervous 14 year old self had to wave my arms wildly toward the FA, and quickly explained that I boarded the wrong flight accidentally.

    Total Home Alone2 moment. So embarrassing to have them re-open the door for me.

    Had I not said anything though, I could have easily found myself in the wrong city.

    Kids, it’s dangerous to be totally oblivious to the world while having your earbuds in!!

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