Delta Points Luggage tags are kool but just look at these other fun ones!

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Time for a fun weekend giveaway. There will be 10, yes TEN, winners this round!

I will give away 10 Delta Points Luggage tags via random draw. In addition to this, I will give away to 1 of you 10 winners a set (of two) custom tags. You can pick either the “UNOBTAINIUM” or “CARBON FIBER”  Medallion tag with your name & Skymiles number on it if you want. This is thanks to FT user “RuesterGAGT” permission and art work! (this is all a play on the other “fake” Kryptonium Medallion class/club)

Here is how you get a chance to win:

  • 1st, be a subscriber to the DeltaPoints e-mail list (i.e. comment with the same e-mail or subscribe now).
  • Next, comment below why you read Delta Points each day for a chance to win.
  • I will have the random draw for the winners Sunday afternoon!

Have a fun weekend and I hope you win!  – Rene


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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. I love the new content everyday and your passion for the airline. Thanks!

  2. I wish Delta flights were cheaper from my hometown airport than the one 80 miles away.

  3. I read Delta Points to take advantage of promos, capture more miles and see how Delta and SkyTeam compare to what UA and AA are offering…

  4. I read Delta Points as my go-to for how to earn Skymiles. The mileage run info is awesome too. Thanks Rene!

  5. I am new to Delta Points but am enjoying the content and loving keeping up to date with goings on at Delta. THANKS!!

  6. enjoy reading about new ways to earn points and navigate Delta and the industry

  7. Well, I read this blog in particular, because I fly Delta nearly exclusively, so I like to be in the know – and you provide a lot of that insight.

    Secondly, you give away more/cool swag than any other blogger within

  8. Mary Beth Witzel Reply

    I have been a primary Delta for many years and love your helpful blog! Keep up the great work, Rene!

  9. Hi Rene, I read because you always seem to find news and deals that other bloggers miss. Thanks for your hard work!

  10. John Walker Reply

    I read every day so I don’t miss out on any deals or strategies! Great blog — keep it up!!

  11. Great place to make sure I’m on top of all things sky mile/s…thanks!

  12. The regular updates and content are great for those of us that enjoy a Delta flight whenever possible.

  13. I haven’t received an upgrade since I busted my butt for an overnight $600 trip to Miami last December to get Gold Medallion so I may as well go for the Unobtainium tag. Thanks for your blog.

  14. I read every day (and use your site for my credit card sign-ups) to keep on top of deals and ways to use my miles on my favorite airline. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  15. Grant Thomas Reply

    I love delta and learning about all the little tips and tricks that you share with us, your loyal readers 🙂

  16. Jetstream007 Reply

    Fly DL and KL all the time. Typing this at 34.000ft on DL2333…Cheers!

  17. I read Delta points to learn about the promos, and hear about your travels!

  18. Actually, I just discovered you so there has been no reading every day…yet! That said, I’m diving in to learn more and am looking forward to stocking up on SkyMiles!

  19. I read Delta Points to learn about new ways to earn miles and love it!

  20. I read because I find you more informative than some of the sellout bloggers

  21. Because Delta controls 80% of the gates at my home airport of MSP.

  22. I’m always looking for more miles and love getting the early inside scoop from the expert!

  23. One of the friendliest travel blogs around. Funny how a blog about flying can be down to earth!

  24. Vincent Fox Reply

    Do I read every day for a “chance to win”?

    No I read every day because Rene is a winner!

  25. To read only the best news of the DL world and things like this!

  26. I love any inside info, and I am fascinated with the industry. Love the things you post!

  27. Brian Watkins Reply

    I read it daily since it feels like a fly Delta daily. Well done!

  28. Like you, I’m a Delta groupie. I’ve been an avid reader of your blog for awhile now and love how you do all the leg work for me to keep current with news and other fun stuff about our “mother ship”. Thanks, Rene!

  29. Best Delta updates out there! Being a frequent flyer, I don’t have to look anywhere else for Delta news & updates. Fantastic work, Rene!

  30. I read your blog because it is truly everything Delta. Hoping to read one day that Delta lower’s their mileage awards for air travel.

  31. Might as well learn how I can obtain more Skymiles I won’t be able to redeem!

  32. I read Delta Points for the best information regarding Delta happenings. I really like the trip reviews.

  33. The email updates catch my attention and keep me coming back even during busy weeks with no time for random web browsing

  34. I read delta points so I can take advantage of the airlines instead of the other way around

  35. I read delta points every day because it provide me a great deal of info every day to help my trips.

  36. Nice articles on how to optimize Delta Skymiles…and you’re pretty funny sometimes!

  37. I grew up on delta out of CVG and keep on reading to see what I am missing out on w/ DL today.

  38. I read Delta Points to stay as current as possible so I won’t miss a great deal.

  39. Vicki Burton Reply

    Just wanted to say, “Thanks, Rene” for all your hard work. I look forward to my email every day. I’m not a frequent flyer. I’m mostly a ground earner, but, I learn a lot from you and I can dream, dream, dream!

  40. I read to get relevant tips to maximize my frequent flyer miles. Before I didn’t bother using them but now I learning how valuable they can be.

  41. I love you Delta and need new tags… I took my clanky DM tag off my bag because it makes too much noise!!!! Please pick me for a new tag!!

  42. Not sure this is working as I am in a hotel in Beijing and internet is quite spotty!   
    I read the blog to learn more from the community of fellow Delta aficionados, travelers and comfort seekers who gather here in spirit and mind even when separated by borders, kilometers, miles, oceans, mountains and, if Virgin ever pulls it off, outer space.  

    This week I am benefiting from a suggested link to Deals we Like where my expiring Hilton Gold status was rescued just in time for a week of fabulous service and upgrades in the Beijing Wangfujing Hilton!


  43. I’m a newbie wannabe frequent flier and love your tips for Delta! Hopefully I’ll be racking up the points 🙂

  44. Rene,
    As a newbie, Delta Points is one of the blogs I read for valuable tips and information. I’ve learned a lot from the whole online community, and greatly appreciate the time and effort it takes for you to write and keep the blog current.

  45. I only fly Delta, therefore I only read Delta Points. Well, mostly! 😉

  46. phill gold Reply

    i love the trip reports and of course getting the inside scoop on a great delta deal. Thanks!

  47. I love this site. Anyway for me to get more info on Delta that is good or bad is very important to me.

  48. thegasguru Reply

    Delta Points is about the only place I know of that consistently focuses on Delta info! As a CVG hub captive (well….semi-hub), Delta is the only game in town…even if – as your blog informed me – CVG has the highest fares of any domestic airport. Yikes! No wonder I need the Delta Points tips and tricks!

    Also, as a Delta Diamond, I just HAVE to have the Unobtanium bag tag!! I can’t think of anything better than to clip that on my rollaboard right next to my clanking Diamond cow bell tag – what a conversation starter. The next time I’m jousting for that battlefield upgrade, and I try to pull a DYKWIA with the gate agent, I can point right to my Unobtanium tag. Sure to get a laugh, and who knows…maybe an elusive 1st-Class-Has-Not-Boarded-Full-So-Hang-Back-Here-At-The-Gate upgrade. 🙂

  49. I read the blog every day because I have become a defacto travel consultant for our company. as a result many people ask me on a daily basis for best deals, on Delta. Your blogs offer me information that I exchange with staff, and get them excited in collecting points for Delta. I tell them, why send our time setting up fantisy games with players when we can spend time generating points on a airline that we love, DELTA.

  50. DELTA POINTS is so savvy and so cool too. It keeps me abreast of the latest news about Delta Platinum Medallion events, updates, offers, and trends. It also is the place to find out about all things Delta without having to hunt all over the net. It is well written. As a Platinum Medallion Member, my bags would look absolutely NAKED without those tags too!

  51. Just found it via, but I’ll be a reader now. I travel a ton domestically, and it’s hard to keep up with international travelers just based on mileage status.

  52. Delta is the main airline that I fly from my home city so this site provides great information and mileage and bonus opportunities for Delta. I read it every single day. Thanks for all the great information.

  53. I just read the blog again and loved Bob’s article about all the 5 an 10k miles adding up to the 100k he lost on his gf’s European trip. Keep the articles coming!!

  54. Delta points is my daily source for otherwise unpublished great Delta deals and just plain fun reading

  55. Consultant Reply

    I read to learn Delta “hacks” — such as the fact that the FAs can use the credit card scanner machines to give courtesy points/delta dollars.

  56. DVMonthego Reply

    Always looking for helpful tips to maximize what is already a good experience with Delta (Diamond)

  57. I read Delta Points because it keeps me up to date on Delta news, offers and SkyMiles opportunities.

  58. I love reading the Delta Points blog, as you give valuable information and ideas, which can even sometimes be used for any other frequent flyer program. Keep up the good work!

  59. I read every day because I always learn a tip about flying. Delta is by far my favorite airline. I have earned so many extra miles reading your blogs. Just got billed my annual fee on my Delta Platinum Amex Express. Sure I can find something on your blog that can get me out of that one. 😉

  60. I read everyday because I fly Delta weekly, and I’m always looking for tips, and tricks for extra points. Also, I love the getaway links, even though I’ve never won anything.

  61. RuesterGAGT Reply

    I’d even be willing to make one custom for someone, Rene for a contest. Let me know.

  62. Hello Rene!

    I hope the contest is still lurking about! I would REALLY like a “UNOBTAINIUM” Medallion card. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading any Delta Points emails as I am new but I am greatful that there is a single point to get tips dedicated to Delta AL as it is my personal favorite.

    I look forward to my first email!!!! – Larry

  63. I have only received two emails and I must say that I am impressed! A lot of work goes into giving us this information and it’s a GREAT reference. I no longer have to Google the world to get ideas about the tricks of the trade with Delta; it’s all in one place. I almost feel guilty on my request for the “UNOBTAINIUM” luggage tag (but I still would like to have one!!!!). Thanks again for all of the info. Larry.

  64. Just came across your site. It’s great! We only use Delta when flying to Hilton Head Island, SC. We live in Canada but fly out of Buffalo. My dilemna: we’d like to fly to HHI on March 23, 2013 for 2 weeks. My husband was diagnosed with ALS in July (Lou Gehrig’s disease which is fatal with no cure) We don’t know how much longer he will be mobile to fly/travel. Does anyone know if Delta offers a “travel companion” deal for those accompanying someone with an issue like that? Or alternatively, is there anyone out there who won’t be using a companion ticket that we could use/pay for???? Thank you in advance,

  65. Rene is the best! I ‘owe’ Delta Points some interactive comment, and advice, as I have long stalked the blog. I was a PM for many years (now at 1.9 million miles), becoming a ‘Charter’ when Diamond was created, and did it all mostly, but not 100%, by flying domestically- the old fashion hardway. Everybody here can go on for retelling stories of DL inflight crews who made a HUGE difference when the experience was already the best (just go fly AA, UA or WN to know for sure); or stories of the DL ticket person making a miracle happen when DL could not fly; or the the 800 person cancelling a resv -after- the departure of that flight AND upgrading me, and so on and on! But I will confess: the prospect of retiring my DM 1M tags for one of these Top This! cards is way cool, so here I am.
    Thanks for building a site of serious comment, and key info.
    I will add mine from time to time (but do not hold your breath waiting for either CVG or CDG tips other than “don’t go there”).

  66. Angie Elliott Reply

    I am receiving these emails everyday so I can catch up to my peers. I am the newbie to the team and the only one traveling without status. I want to catch up as soon as I can. In the meantime I would earn instant street cred with the team by having one of these badges. Even they lust after them as Diamond members!!

  67. Ronald coutu Reply

    I read all the time to keep up with current promos available

  68. I’m new to Delta Points and looking forward to learning how to take advantage of the hundreds of hours/year that I spend on Delta aircraft!

    • @J – Thanks we are now RenesPoints fyi and giveaway was over a few years ago.

  69. Because my friend Porter M had a cool unobtanium medallion card and I want one. I also want the carbon fiber card that he doesnt have so I can rub it in his face! Plus you have cool stuff to hear about.

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