Do you know what airline you are flying on? (cuz it ain’t Delta)

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We get on “Delta Connection” flights all the time. From the nicer 2 cabin ones to the tiny, horrible, old and smelly CRJ-100/200. But let me ask you some quiz questions and see just how much you know Delta.

Q1 ) How many regional partners fly for Delta?
Q2) Of those, how many parent company’s own those?
Q3) What will happen to them over the next 2 years?

OK to try to make this easy I have done a screen grab with a “map” from site that shows all the partner airlines and you can see that live here.

So the answer to question #1 is 8. There were 9 but as soon as Comair is gone there will be only 8 remaining. But on to question #2. The answer to that is 4. Here is the breakdown.

1) SkyWest runs SkyWest and also is parent to ExpressJet
2) Chautauqua Air & Shuttle America is owned by Republic Holdings
3) Pinnacle Airlines owns Mesaba
4) GoJet Airlines & Compass both owned by Trans States Holding that also, btw, own Trans State Airlines

Are you following all this so far? Why should we care? 99% of the time we do not have to. Mother Delta will be our point of contact. But always remember there is a reason the phone reps mention and on there is the little “1” or “2” on the end of a flight number telling us we are NOT flying Delta on that leg.

So do you care who you are are flying with and does this information surprise you? For me, I love to see CRJ 100/200’s going away, even if slower than we want. It was announced that SkyWest will be dumping 66 of their inventory of 159 (some serving other airlines) smaller CRJ’s. If Pinnacle wants to any chance of survival, they will have to move in the same direction. So that goes to answer question #3! Have a great weekend everyone – René

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  1. All of Mesaba’s personnel and aircraft were fenced to Pinnacle in January, so Mesaba has essentially ceased operations.

  2. I know just about everyone hates the CRJ-200, but I, for one, am worried about the removal of so many of them from Delta’s fleet. With the larger planes I just have a feeling they are going to reduce the total number of flights, which will reduce flexibility in scheduling to the smaller airports I like to fly from/to. I’d rather be able to get there when I want to than have to wait half a day to get there on a nicer plane.

  3. Without the CRJs there wouldn’t be service to some communities. I use to flight attendant on the CRJ200 for Air Wisconsin years ago. There would be the people that were upset that they had to fly on such a small jet going to Moline or Charlottesville. I guess they were expecting a 747…or atleast a 737. I’m sure there were even more scowls coming from those passengers getting on the Saabs or DASHs.

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