While the “cats” away the mice will play!

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The Frequent Miler is “way up north dar” in Alaska. Sweet! Back here in SBN what did I do today? Well I collected free points and free stuff naturally with a FM feel to them. Here is what I do not just this Sunday but every Sunday. I check out what 100% or almost 100% MaxPerks Rewards rebate items are up for sale this week.

These deals are just unreal. You get many times 90-100% of you money back (in the form of MaxPerk Rewards) that you can re-spend on, yep you guessed it, more stuff that is just the same.

STEP 1) To get stated with this crazy pay Office Max with their money game, it helps to have a DELTA AMEX Reserve Business card (that ANYONE can get btw just click the business owner CLICK HERE on the app page, then leave EIN field/box blank and put SSN# on next page!) that is part of the AMEX OPEN Savings plan. Because, if I spend over $250 I get 10% CASH back as a statement credit. Gotta love cash right.

STEP 2) I look on Ebay for “Buy Now” $30 off ONLINE coupons. I try to buy them under $10 each from reputable sellers.

STEP 3) I start at EBATES to buy stuff at Office Max to get 3% cash back. Why when others pay a little more? I have found Office Max is HORRIBLE at telling the shopping portals about purchases. Ebates, you just email them all the info and you get INSTANT credit!

STEP 4) (TIP only click this AFTER you start at shopping portal to get credit and be sure you signed up for a MaXPerks card as well)  I look at what items I can buy that will run, after coupons and maybe current Max Rewards credits I have, that will keep me over $250 to get the full 10% back from AMEX.

Here is what I got today for FREE (after my coupon and AMEX OPEN money back), shipped FREE, earned Skymiles, worked on my spend to earn free MQM’s! I got, 2 Leather chairs, lots of pens, a case of paper and more!

[EDIT:] As you can see below charge and credit posted
one item was back ordered so happy I spent more than just $250.01!  🙂

Now I do this about once a month as it takes a little time for the MaxPerks Rewards to get posted back to my account. So you tell me, is about $3000 in free stuff and points each year worth a little work on a Sunday? – René


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  1. MSPDeltaDude

    Nice work. I need to jump on this train.

  2. David Backman Rorke

    Its easy when U live in the states but kinda hard if U live overseas. Unless there is a secret I don’t know about

  3. @David – well I can only bring in so many “free” gifts to GOT each trip! Sorry 😉 – Rene

  4. But what do you use the maxperks for? in the above example, aren’t you left with a bunch that you have to spend at Officemax?

  5. What is missing from the post, and what I would love to know, is the method of converting those rewards certificates back into cash.

  6. @Greg – yes! But, you then just look for more items you can buy for 100% back, and the process starts over. Sure at some point you stop using your AMEX card as you have maybe $500 or $1000 sitting at OfficeMax. If the number gets too big and crazy I buy something I can resell or use like a laptop!

  7. Can you use your max reward dollars on future 100% reward items and get more rewards? Basically keep rolling them?

  8. @Eric – yes you can buy just about anything but NOT gift cards or we could just cash out that way.

  9. I tried to get the Delta AmEx credit card. It said I needed an EIN and would not accept my ss# as a sole proprietor. Did i miss something?

    I love this combo!

  10. @Lori – sorry I should be more clear. On the field where it ask for you EIN you just leave that BLANK. Then, on the NEXT PAGE, it will ask for you SSN# – Rene
    PS – I have edited the post. I hope it is more clear now. Thanks again Lori. Some days I tell ya I think my mind is going! 😉

  11. Wow wish I could have read this before Friday. Just churned & got the standard Delta Gold business. How long will I have to wait to apply for the Delta AMEX Reserve & get the bonus?

  12. @Devon – 24 months! If you want an OPEN card you could go for the SPG OPEN Business in 91+ days! 🙂

  13. Grant Thomas

    See if my math is correct, you pay $261.31, so you get 10% back from AMEX OPEN ($26.13), plus 3% from Ebates ($7.84), plus max perks (90*2, 34, 16.79*2, 3.39*2, 3.49*2 = $261.34), wow you come out ahead. What can you use max perks for? Anything online?

  14. @grant. i got my leather laptop bag. $185 – $30 coupon then paid for rest with rewards. no miles for that one but free bag is nice.:-)

  15. Grant Thomas

    do u actually use the stuff you buy or do you sell/donate any of the items?

  16. @Grant – sometimes I use the stuff sometimes I sell. I mean paper, just use. Same with pens etc. Just std “use” stuff. Other stuff, I may sell. Since I am using, after a while, their money to buy stuff, even if I loose 10-50% I am still way ahead and will get the rebate again to re-spend after a month or so.

  17. Thnx Rene for the nice tip 🙂
    The amex reserve has a $450 annual fees right? Is there a way to avoid that or how do you work around that typically.

  18. @Gmash – yeah the fee stinks! But keep in mind you get 10k MQM, worth a bunch to me anyway, and you get a free buy one get one free either coach or 1st domestic coupon worth what ever a ticket is worth to you. I use my in coach most years to MYR or SLC or Florida! – Rene

  19. 24 months was a bummer but… got my Amex Delta Gold Business today from my 1st churn & it’s got the Open savings! So my question, do I have to use a coupon code like you mentioned or can you use any ones you find? You say “Click this after” the portal..Do I bookmark that link for future purchases with MaxPerks and always go thru Ebates then click my bookmarked page? Thanks for helping the addicted new guy.

  20. @Devon – you must start at Ebates EACH TIME to get the 3% from them on OfficeMax purchase. Then, if you use your OPEN DELTA GOLD BIZ card, and spend before tax and S&H $250 or more, you get 10% cash back statement credit for each order! – Rene

  21. I get the order as I’ve used cashback sites for years(fun fact I was an original employee of cashback site in 2006) but don’t understand how to get to the OPEN page for credit to buy at Office Max without negating the initial click thru from Ebates. Hope that makes sense.

  22. @Devon – The open is automatic. You do not have to “click” anything from AMEX. As long as you paid with your OPEN card at the credit just shows up on your statement. They don’t care that you started at Ebates or the moon. Clear? Rene

  23. Perfectly, you’re the best. Sorry for the confusion! Just want to be safe ahead of time. I think it was the “Click here after” thing in the post that threw me off.

  24. why officemax? why not staples or office depot? is it because only officemax has a rewards program? or because OPEN only works with officemax? Officemax is not a store close to me 🙁 sadly.

  25. @D – Yeah I know, kinda stinks but if you have an Office Depot you can play the INK BOLD game, but not as fun as DELTA for us DELTA people. Sorry – 🙁 🙁 🙁

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