Bump the Bonus, the sequel, next bank!

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As you all know I went for the SPG AMEX Business card 3 weeks ago as part of my 3 card round in July since it has been 24 months and 2 weeks since I got the SPG bonus last (oh what timing right?)! So that left me with the 25,000 point offer not the current 30,000 point offer.

What to do, what to do. With CHASE it is always easy. You do a secure message, if inside 90 days, bingo, they will match you to the current offer. Easy as pie and they are great about it with just about any offer. Gotta love CHASE personal and business accounts.

How about AMEX? I attempted a secure message to AMEX. The basic part of the response was buzz off! (ok so they were a little nicer that that but said NO)

So, like everything DELTA, if you don’t like the answer you hang up, or in this case, call back after email fails, and ask again for the difference in points since it has only been a few weeks. The phone rep understands my frustration but says there is NO WAY to change the offer code. But, do keep in mind the power reps have to add points to any account if they want to! It took a supervisor getting involved to ok the award of that level of points but in the end, 5000 SPG points were extended to me to match the current 30,000 point offer!  🙂

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Best Credit Cards


  1. I am in the same position for my wife’s recent SPG personal card, secure message said not possible too, now my issue is getting her to call and fight for the 5,000, not an easy prospect!

  2. I too have been told on the phone that Amex will not change an offer code. I believe the guy’s exact words to me were, “we are very strict about this.”

  3. @G – yes they fixed that from the old days of bump the code. Now they must just award the points as a customer service issue type deal.

  4. I called this morning and the guy was cool and said he wish he could but he said he would send a note up the chain requesting the difference in 5,000 points. I doubt I will get anything, but it was worth a shot. I think if you complain on the first day of the new promo, it shows the reps that you follow the card activity and they may decide in your favor “this time only”… idk

  5. Same experience here, applied for my grandmother on 8/3. Emailed and explained lots of spending coming up on the card. No go still. I may have her try to call and ask for the increase, but really don’t want to bug her about it too much, haha.


    I understand your concern.

    I am sorry but we are unable to link multiple sign-up offers on the same account. As a result, we are unable to issue difference of 5,000 points to your account manually.

    It is important for you to know that promotions vary from time to time. So, we are unable to match the future offer which is initiated after you submitted your application.

    It is our intention to provide our Cardmembers with a first time resolution and ensure that they are satisfied and happy when they receive a response from us. However, we are bound by certain Policies and Procedures and sometimes we may not be able to completely satisfy your needs due to this reason.

  6. @Grant, or because we emailed on the first day they know that we watch all of this very closely and will keep the card regardless of whether they increase the bonus or not, ha.

  7. Glad you got the extra points! I had a similar issue with my SPG card, in that I referred two people (at 5,000 per person) to it literally the day before the referral bonus went up to 10,000. I emailed and asked to be matched to that and told not possible. After a few calls, still nothing. I guess I was not persistent enough 🙂

    So, I waited to get the bonus and closed the card. Start the clock in the 24 months please!

  8. i’ve sent my secure message…waiting for a response. Will follow your advice to call if it’s a “no”!

  9. I received my card last week and just activated it Saturday. Haven’t swiped it yet. I sent a secure message last night, whichbhas not bern responded to. Technically I have not used the card nor received the bonus points from the first swipe. The belligerent side of me wants to cancel when they say No. See if they pull a retention bump on a new, unused card (I have Amex history otherwise). The other side says Whateve… Just hate on them. Maybe I’ll tweet and Facebook them and see if I get their attention.

  10. Got the card in may under the 25k offer. just hit the spending for the 15k on August 1st, and statement closing date is August 31st.

    I called last night and try to get the additional 5k, the csr said she will post a note to the account for another department. When i got up this morning, instead the 5k, they manually posted the 15k spending bonus before the statement.

    LoL might have to call again

  11. @Delta Points, what did you say when you made the call to American Express asking to bump the bonus? Do you have any tips for us?

  12. @Jarred – I use “no set words” when I call plus I don’t want 1000 people saying the same words. The basics are just that you got the card 1 week, 1 month or whatever ago and now see there is a public offer for 5000 more than you got and could you please have it matched in some way or words to that effect. Again, there is no ONE key word that will make them go sure here are the points. It depends on so much like #1 the time since you go the card, your track record with AMEX, the rep you get (you can call back again and again you know), and more. Hope that helps! – Rene

  13. I applied for the card 0n 7/22/10 and canceled 7/20/11.

    Are you saying it has to be 24 months from the time the bonus hit, which would be around 11/10?

    Thank you

  14. If you got the card on 07JULY2010 you can get the new card bonus on 07JULY2012 (ie right now). The other new-ish rule is you should not have the card for the last 12 months. You are safe there as well. So all looks good to me! – Rene

  15. I received the same response as above to my secure message. Just called and the agent submitted a request, so we will see what happens with that

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