Could you earn a free domestic Skymiles ticket each year from just doing surveys?

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Letting bloggers out of  their “cages” is a dangerous thing. Most bloggers dislike the term “travel hackers” that many in the media refer to us as. I have said before we are more “enthusiasts” as we just read all the T&C of every program and then go all-in in ways the promoters never thought about doing or that anyone would ever do. Today, maybe hacker is a better description. But this is only because they are playing games with us this time.

First off let’s start with all those who are looking to get in with e-Rewards. Most know it is by “invitation only” right? WRONG (for now)! Our beloved Delta Air Lines invites ANYONE to join by following THIS link. Then, once you sign up, you will be able to redeem your e-Rewards for Skymiles (TIP – I normally pick Flex Perks points to buy Delta tickets so I can earn MQM’s & RDM’s).

Once you earn $100 in e-Rewards money, you can redeem them for 2,000 Skymiles. If you work at it, you could get 10,000+ Skymiles a year this way. Note that would take a lot of time answering surveys!

There is some gaming going on with e-Rewards right now. Many who are getting ready for the US AIR grand slam would LOVE to be able to send e-Rewards to them for a free “HIT”. But, as you see above from the Delta invite link, they are not an award option. The really interesting thing is on my long standing account from the NWA days I CAN NOT redeem Skymiles as an award anymore!

My guess is you have to be invited by US AIR to be able to get US AIR as an award option! But who knows, maybe they will start offering free invites the way Delta is now. For now, just know they love us Delta flyers more! 🙂

On to the other two survey sites. Now you can pick US AIR as an e-Miles award option but in this post it is about DELTA Skymiles with THIS link. With work here too you could get 2000+ Skymiles each year.

Then lastly there is the new one WhiteBoard, that you may get invited to when you click THIS link. Then, with work, get a few thousand Skymiles from them as well.

So a 25,000 Skymiles free ticket in one year? No, but with work, over ½ way there is totally possible. If you add in a Delta AMEX GOLD card to the mix, these surveys can be a nice way to build the balance to get that award you are working for! – René


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  1. If you get invited by an airline, you can only redeem for thar airline, but you have the full range of hotel options. If you get invited by a hotel, you get the full range of airlines. My favorite redemption has to be 3,000 Iberia Avios for $100 e-rewards.

  2. Irene is right. I signed up through a promo link on my first/second dividend miles statement and I can transfer to US Air and a full range of hotels

  3. the problem is the e-rewards surveys are long and a pain!

    Worse, many times after completing half of a survey, it says that you don’t qualify and wont get the full rewards points (even if you do most of the survey)….sure the potential is there, but it tends to be more frustrating than its worth, and far too time consuming for so few miles

  4. @Vincente – no, but when you have 20,000 FlexPerks points you can get $400 credit towards a ticket. Since, from the way Delta looks at it, you are just paying for the ticket, you earn MQM’s & RDM’s in what ever fare class you buy the ticket! 🙂 Rene

  5. Was wondering if you have heard of ? I started using them and they have gift cards for hotels & airlines. Its similar to erewards as they have the same type of surveys.

  6. @Rene,

    Ah OK, I’ll stick with SkyMiles though. Don’t have the time to do mileage runs just now. Thanks for the link, I opened up a new e-rewards account so I get get a few SM now and then.

    I have had an e-rewards account for a while but with Frontier, mainly I do the surveys once in while and redeem for EarlyReturns points just to keep that account ACTIVE. I think that’s a useful trick for some people, do just enough surveys and generate some points once or twice a year so you don’t lose balance in programs which you are not active in at present. Delta doesn’t expire, but other programs do.

  7. all those survey programs are a waste of precious time, you get 5 points here and 5 points there for wasting 5-10 minutes, the higher points are for purchases, and as your balance increases and gets close to redemption you’ll stop receiving emails , with one program after 3-4 months i ended with $20 and stopped receiving emails and finally went for a magazine redemption that i have no use off.

  8. @lucy – sorry you are very wrong. I get EZ $100 a month if I work at it. Most of the time it takes 2 months for me to score $100. Plus, most of the big awards a 1x per quarter so I must spread it around to other offers too. Try again. Work hard. Free takes work in this game! – Rene

  9. @Rene,
    On second examination I’ve decided to sign up for that card and follow your lead. Not the best rewards program but it does give me diversity from Chase/AmEx.
    Thanks for the mention of FlexPerks!

  10. Thanks to @Katherine for the tip about Iberia Avios. Some day I want to fly to CUZ but the closest DL flies is LIM. AA wants 12k miles for a R/T LIM-CUZ on LAN, but BA only needs 9k Avios. I can easily get that through $300 E-rewards dollars! 🙂

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