Los Angeles to Amsterdam just $739 – “from Russia with love?”

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Quiz time, how much to you “know” our Skyteam. One of the things I do each week is look for good mileage run deals. (BTW feel free to help me here and search now and then and email if you find something good).

How do I do this? The obvious first step is to check out the Mileage RUN page on Flyer Talk HERE. Look for posts with DL in them or any airline to see if DL will match them. Then, here is step two. Use Matrix HERE and be sure to include airports within 500 miles coming and going just to see what pops up and I UNCHECKED change airports just because that is a pain!

This can become a “lazy river” event. What do I mean? Well you start searching one way and then meander around, like a lazy river, and find something else. Thus my topic of today’s post.

Have you ever flown on Skyteam partner Aeroflot? I say “nyet”! But if you look at their Facebook page they have some videos that are, well, very Russian. Check out all the “The Sky, Our Masterpiece” clips:

As I said, these are very Russian clips. But notice this. If I use Matrix and search say a 6 day trip in November, check out what I find:


The Points Guy showed all the good biz class trips for around $1500 going on in November. Here is one in coach for ½ that price.

Before you start thinking mileage run, as I did, you need to be careful when it comes to our Skyteam partners as all fares are NOT created equal. I mean, if you look at the route it looks great right?

14830 MQM’s for just $739 all-in is less than 5 cents per MQM and you get a week or so in Europe. But wait, look what Delta.com says about their Skyteam partner in “L” class book on Aeroflot!

Ah, you only get 75% on “L” class via THIS Skyteam partner. So, the math is not as good in this fare “bucket”. Still, if you want to  “enjoy”  COACH class Russian service on a 12-13hr flight and go to Europe in the fall, this is one way to do it for $700-ish each.

I hope I have made you think this weekend and I hope you will help me and your fellow Delta Points readers look and try to find the next $137 mileage run deal! – René

PS – you still have time to “ask Tamara” a TA question by 5PM tonight for a chance to win some DELTA swag.


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  1. I’m wondering if visas could be an issue when you hub through Moscow. As a side note it would also be cool to have a Moscow layover for a little site seeing side trip but again with the visa.

  2. Booked LAX to CPH for June 19-July 2 for $827 from Orbitz.

    Just cancelled my Awards travel with United for 60k miles on economy class and $125 Taxes and fees.

    Am I getting a much better deal paying for the flight then using air miles?

  3. I flew Aeroflot from St. P to Moscow; we were crammed in the cabin like sardines! I don’t recommend this sky team partner unless they have reconfigured their seat plan!

  4. oh…I am not able to reserve a seat till I check into the airport. If I am confirmed and ticketed,I should receive a seat, am I right? Not sure about Aeroflot but it is $500 less than United, Swiss , Air Canada.

    What do you mean by crammed into the cabin? Didn’t everyone receive a seat?

  5. That is a fun, thought-provoking post. And, $739 fare is worth a double-take. As much as I live Amsterdam, the thought of 12+ hours in Aeroflot-Coach, on ANY aircraft type, is a bit more than I can stomach. The post has also stimulated me to investigate the better Business Class offers to Europe for Janyary and February. Any SFO, LAX or SEA -to Europe for under $2K is work careful examination. I like a good price as much as the next guy, but I won’t put up with more than four hours in a coach seat at any price. Why? I don’t have to.

  6. Will be on the Aeroflot A332 Jet. Is it safe? I wasn’t able to find Biz or lst class awards travel for summer 2013 so figured $828 for economy rt is a great deal. I don’t like economy either as I have only traveled Biz or lst class using awards travel. I am just worry about getting there safely.

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