US BANK Flex Perks offer – worth $1000? Or even $2000? How to MAX out this deal.

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Now that I have your attention, let me walk you through this. I applied for and was approved for my 15,000 point US BANK Flex Perks card during my last round last month. I only had to spend $500 and I am just waiting for the statement to generate to get the points.

But today, The Frugal Travel Guy posted about the 30,000+ point deal that is tied to the Olympics as you can see below:

If you add up the total of all the Medals won by the USA you will see it was:

GOLD – 46, SILVER – 29 & BRONZE – 29

Thus the math at 500 points for gold, 250 for silver and 100 for bronze means the points you SHOULD get are 33,150 by applying for the card.

Now here is where this deal takes a twist. US BANK has a NO fee checking account you can get called the GOLD account you can see HERE. If you get this account FIRST, and THEN get the card, you will get +1/4% bonus on the points you earn via SPEND. You must spend 2500 to get the deal so you would earn 5625 points for that spend when you have their checking account.

So, grand total all in is 38,775 points or almost  $800  in travel VALUE!

And then the deal gets better and better – MAYBE! I attempted to BUMP THE BONUS from my card 3 weeks ago. No can do – NO WAY to apply the product code to your other card. I talked to 3 reps and 2 supervisors. All of them, again and again, told me just to apply for the card again. What? Really? But I just got the card 3 weeks ago. They ALL said it does not matter we have many card holders who have 2 or 3 or more of the exact same card. They said you will get the bonus for each new line you open. Wait – What? Really?

Now the above is NOT in print and just from the reps feedback, but they were all consistent about this. They were supervisors – but YMMV. I hope you see what this could maybe mean. You could, maybe, try for 2 or 3 cards all in one day or over a week after each card is approved and get the bonus again and again. UNDERSTAND it may mean 1 HARD pull only once in one day or it may mean 2 or 3 HARD pulls all in one day. I just cannot say as I do not know. But, if you could do 2 cards, and then maybe even 1 business card at the lower 15k bonus deal, you could end up with over 93,000 points worth almost $2,000! – WOW!

PS – please note ONLY the business link is mine so take SCREEN SHOTS of everything if you go for this deal. – René


  1. I applied for this recently and was turned down.
    “Numerous recent applications using ssn”.

    I am not a “churner” by any means, added a DL Reserve in January, and a Marriott card early this month and that’s it. I called to appeal with US Bank they said no.

  2. Can these Flex Perks be used to purchase tickets at Delta? Is the point conversion of value?

  3. @Deltaflyer – if you look at the chart, 20,000 points = the same as paying up to $400 CASH for a Delta ticket. You will then earn skymiles and MQM’s 🙂

  4. I am a current card holder, and decided to apply for a second card. I got the “pending further review” reply, so we will see if I get it, and the Olympics bonus as well. Will keep DP updated.

    Question – do you have to have a real business in order to apply for the Business Card? It is asking for Gross Annual Sales etc.

  5. @Daniel – a sole proprietor is a “real business”. You will notice the “Business Tax I.D. ” field is NOT a required field to fill in the app. I would want to keep all my EBAY buying and selling on another card to keep that separate from my personal!

  6. Applied and got approved but I’m not sure about the checking account with the monthly fees.

  7. Applied but received pending further review (aka denied) probably due to too many recent Chase applications, bummer 🙁

  8. @grant – NO – just call back tomorrow. Both Lisa (cat out of bag) and I both had wait and got OK (well I had to call lisa just got OK in less than a day) – Rene

  9. Thx DP, here is the reconcideration line from the milemile post: 800-947-1444. I’ll give them a call in the morning and beg for the card.

  10. Bummer – I already have the card!

    I am very close to canceling it and moving on to the Sapphire system. It would be nice if these guys did this occasionally for existing card members!

  11. @Laurent – this is not a CARD. This is a checking account to get the extra 1/4% bonus point (free if you put in $2500 and park or use as a DD account).

  12. I called this morning and there was a 7-8 minutes wait time, the rep told me that the application was processing and told me to call back in 2 days (Thursday to check the status again). He was not able to tell me if I would be approved or denied; probably just reading the status off the screen.

  13. If they are being swamped, I’m guessing they will be really picky with who they approve. If I were them, I would probably approve people with lower credit scores who would be less likely to spend the required amount and pay it all off without interest. They might have a different philosophy than say Amex who will only approve the really high spenders who pay it all off.

  14. Does it matter if you open the gold checking account first? What is the drawback if you get the gold checking account right after you are approved for the card?

  15. @Brandon – I was told you should do it first by reps. I am sure you could to it the same day later but if you can do Direct Deposit or part $2500 there first before you get card, it will not hurt I am sure and will keep the account fee free according to the T&C.

  16. I just got an instant approval online for my first card:)
    I then logged on to another laptop & applied again a few minutes later. They told me they’d have to get back to me on the 2nd application.

    I like the idea of the Gold Checking account, but it appears your math is a bit off???? For spending $2,500 & receiving a 25% bonus wouldn’t the bonus only be 625 points instead of 5,625? Maybe I’m missing something!

  17. @Alex – correct and any more spend you do working up to what ever goal level you have say 60k or 80k or whatever. Then you can pull the money and close the account. With interest rates as low as they are, parking $2500 for a few months will not cost ya much! – rene

  18. Are you all applying for the cards at the same time (browser trick) or one after the other.

  19. @GMASH – I am NOT going for more than one. I am just saying you maybe could do this. YMMV. One personal and One biz for about $1000 all in is just crazy good would you not say?

  20. @Rene: he he…I would agree $1000 is good indeed 🙂

    BTW..I just applied for one online and got a pending review. When I called 877-978-7446 they said it will take 7-10 days to find out about it. Do you know how if they do take that long or we can expedite this.

  21. I called the underwriting line and my card wasn’t approved. I am surprised why 🙁

    Got a 750+ credit score. around 8-10 hard inquiries. Do I have any chance of approval by calling the underwriting reps…please advise if someone has any experience/luck?

  22. @GMASH – I am guessing it is from the 2nd part they use call ARS or Advanced Resolution Services as they check the number of pulls from your PHONE NUMBER as you can see: I would call back again. Ask for a supervisor. Mention you have many small business’s (I am sure you do to sell on ebay and amazon right – I would want the spend for each on another card right ) and ask if just having many cards for many small biz is a reason to say no. Worked for me!

  23. I called the application status number this morning (800-947-1444) and was approved, woo hoo, I was worried since I have a lot of recent applications 🙂

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