….and I will call her – “Mini App” – a tiny but successful credit card round for my wife!

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It was time for my dear bride Lisa to run an app round. Now I call it a round, since it was not just one single card, but it was a small round as far as rounds go. She went for just 2 cards; here is why.

These factors are good to consider and I think this is good information for readers to consider before they go for card offers. When you are looking at or considering a round, you must look at your travel goals for the next year or so. If you have a big trip on the way a year away, and want to fly 1st class and stay in style, you may need to go for a bunch of cards. 3+ personal and a few business are not out of the question and achievable during a single round with a very good credit score. But you must always consider how you will achieve the spend needed to get the points as you never, ever, want to go into credit card debt just to get points! On a modest budget, the lower spend cards may be a better choice. Or, a few smaller cards with 1 or 2 big spend ones may work best for you.

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So that is the basics. As you can see above my wife’s score looks great and had recovered from previous rounds. For my household, we are so focused on running almost every cent we can to my DELTA AMEX Reserve card for MAX MQM’s for DELTA status points. We now have, even after booking two trips to Sweden for 2013 (at 100k each low level, spending 400k points),  over 2 million points all-in across the board with airlines and hotels. I will be burning some ½ million for my 25th anniversary trip and still plan to use my US BANK points to buy tickets for a Utah ski trip. As dual Platinum Medallions, at that point, we should both score upgrades, MQM’s and double RDM’s all thanks to US BANK.

So what two cards did she/we pick. The AMEX card I wanted to go for is not yet 366+ days since she closed her last SPG card so no SPG bonus for her (rats & rats for me for that matter – grrrrr)!  And, as talked about, spend is an issue for us. So she has applied for, and been approved for:

The personal US BANK FlexPerks -(not my link btw)

The CitiBank Hilton Reserve card.

The 33,000 point FlexPerks card offer requires $2500 min spend as does the Citi one. This US BANK card offer (I got one last month under the standard 15k offer) will be used to buy Delta tickets (worth $600-$800 towards an airline ticket)! Instant GOLD Hilton on it’s own is worth the card. The two free weekend nights and so much more that card gives is just perfect. This is why you see all bloggers not just talking about the card, but getting the card themselves! A clear winner. $5000 in spend I can handle, rather than $10,000+ for right now.

So for the year we are still PERFECT on approvals for the both of us. For me (starting in December) I have done 9 cards. For Lisa, she has done 8. So 17 credit cards in 9 months. And you know what, we will do the same thing over the next 9 months if not more! – Rene


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Best Credit Cards


  1. Nice work! For some reason here in KY almost every issued uses Transunion. I got my mortgage in March(had to shop around a little) & just did a successful 4 card churn. How do I combat my high number of TU inquiries(11) next churn? Do I wait much longer than 3 months?

  2. @Devon – after 2 years they just start to drop off. Then look for cards that use other credit bureau’s. I have the advantage of my wife & I getting cards. – Rene

  3. I have the same issue here where Experian got hit with the bulk of my inquiries. I did my first churn back in May and I got hit with 4 Experian and 1 TU. When do you recommend I do my next churn? FICO is 765. No debt or mortgage.

  4. My wife is anti-churn at the moment because we may be moving, but I convinced her to go for the 75K biz card from AMEX last week. Well worth the 10K spend limit once she parlays it to Delta bonus transfer points.

  5. @Devon – I am from KY too and I can confirm that AMEX checked Experian (for the SPG card). Chase checked Transunion only (on all 3 of my cards).

  6. Delta Bonus Transfer ???? You may be waiting another 9 months or more just like we have currently waited since the last one in late 2011.

  7. @Scott – gussomer is making a smart move as I would not be shocked to hear about just such a deal soon from AMEX. I do not have inside info but the timing is right!

  8. Hi Rene,
    I love your blog! How can I find out if Chase or AMex is using Experian or TU? I am in Texas. Thanks,

  9. @Rasputtin: Thanks! Chase did TU every time for me, Barclays & Citi did TU. I’ll have to keep that in mind for Amex. Any others do Experian/Equifax in KY?

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