Delta changes earnings of MQM/RDM’s on “Special Fares” as of 01SEPT2012

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I just got an email from Hans G regarding the above that you can see live at HERE

Now I am sorry if your heart skipped a beat when you saw this list and the fare classes. The key thing is this will not affect most of us. There will be a few rare times you will want to check up on this and I hope to have Tamara do a post on this soon so stay tuned.

I have also contacted Delta and this will NOT affect fares that are booked with “published fares” i.e. anything you book at! Even a “mistake fares” will get FULL credit. Again, if you book it on you get full credit.

Also safe are things from Delta Vacations and government, military, corporate, sports and university fares.

So all is not lost for us who like a mileage run now and then to keep our status with our beloved airline! – René


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  1. Any idea if a t class ticket purchased thru Amex travel would earn the correct mileage?

  2. @Rookie10 – that is one I was warned we may need to check about! More info will be coming out soon. Again, next Friday I hope to have lots of good info from Tamara! – Rene

  3. I was just about to buy 2 RT tickets JFK-LAX using Chase ultimate rewards points flying in September.
    (Not the best use but the one that saves me from spending actual cash at the moment)
    Now I’m puzzled how would that work…

  4. @Slava – they should be 100% fine. Keep in mind as far as Delta looks at this, they are getting a cash booking from Chase. The same I am sure will apply from US BANK etc.

  5. Rene,

    I booked L fares from Alitalia on a killer transocean mileage run. Is this only for Delta metal?

  6. Funny part of the run is they cut their LA-Rome service and they ended up putting me on Air France and Delta for most of the run…….only paid about $500 for what was planned to be LAX-FCO-IST-FCO-LAX and is now LAX-CDG-FCO-IST-FCO-ATL-LAX…..15K MQMs and nicer planes….

  7. You scared me! My new strategy for earning MQMs has been to buy M class for SFO-JFK-ATL – SJU – ATL -JFK-SFO. This works out to a sweet 14,678 MQM for $839, and as a DM, almost 100% chance of upgrade. Sure beats paying $350 r/t for plain old SFO-ATL-SFO and sitting in coach half the time!

  8. There are some unbelievable savings ($$ ) wish on private fares. As a travel agent, I know. I just sold a Humanitarian fare to JBO for $600 off the price of A lot times these people buying these tickets are SUPER concerned about price and so the lose of miles won’t matter. However, I think this new policy stinks 🙂

  9. @Anthony – Many thanks for the comment. I have been thinking about this and I see some real good things from this. Less skymiles going to those who just want cheap cheap cheap. Less skymiles, and less people ready to spend then at any price may be very good for us. Time will tell on this one.

  10. The biggest question will be – Will other carriers follow? If a UA missionary fare and DL missionary fare are the same, but I earn miles on UA, I am going on UA…

  11. As a agency that sells 95% International private fares we were FLOORED when we got word of this earlier this week. SHOCKED.

  12. @brian – newbee is fine. it is a fare lower than you will see on like a high school band group of 50 going to paris at a stupid low price.

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