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A number of readers have taken advantage of the basically FREE cash AMEX is giving out for getting $200 loaded on to one of their prepaid cards from, say, their checking account. I am still waiting for my and Lisa cards to get here, but I can wait for a bit for FREE money!

Anyway, to make the rest of the weekend fun, time for another Delta Points giveaway. Let’s do this. I have had many ask why I do not do an RSS giveaway. Well the answer is simple, I don’t know how. But, if you subscribe to RSS you should get this post right away and be able to enter. All you have to do is tell me this – what is your favorite airplane of all time? Is it a JET or a prop or the Concorde or you name it. If it has WINGS it counts and you get a chance to WIN the above $25.00 gift card. I will pick a winner tomorrow sometime! – René


EDIT: We have a WINNER – you can still comment if you like however!

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  1. Air Force One

    I got 4 of the $25 gift cards earlier this week. The were all loaded up on August 10 and then shipped out, so you should be getting them soon.

  2. I’ve have been fully entrigued by the secret nature of AirForce 1 for as far back as I can remembe, thus making it my all-time-favorite! Hoping one day I’ll learn about all of it’s mystical powers (and then maybe that same person will leak Area 51 secrets)

  3. Definitely the B-2 Stealth. There’s nothing like the feeling I get when it flies overhead.

    Simply majestic.

  4. Lets not forget the concord, RIP buddy, I was too young to ride you. One of my biggest regrets for not being born 10 years earlier 🙁

  5. piper archer, first flight behind the controls, my lifelong dream finally realized last week

  6. The Harrier Jump Jet is the most amazing plane I’ve ever seen. I’ll never be able to fly in one but they look awesome.

  7. I used to love flying the Grumman Goose Seaplane that Antilles Airboats used to (or maybe still does)fly between St. Thomas and St. Croix. Used to take it almost weekly between the Islands. A total throw back.

  8. Boeing Stratoliner Model 304. My grandfather died as a test pilot in that plae in 1939.

  9. I love B747-400, though A340 is cool too. Never flown A380 or B787 hope I can try some day.

  10. I’m going to go with the Goodyear blimp…those little tail fins count as wings, right? 🙂

  11. C5 galaxy its taken me to every shit hole war zone and back safely If not always on time 🙂 C-130 close second

  12. Ordered the card today for our college son; thanks for the info!

    I like the old L10-11’s.

  13. Favorite? It’s no contest. The Boeing 707-320C, the Freedom Bird that brought me back to “the world” from Vietnam 40+ years ago.

  14. EA-6B Prowler. I spent 11 years in the US Navy and have over 1000 hours in EA-6B special crew time.

  15. I will keep it to the ones I have actually flown on:

    The L-1011

    I loved the roominess and the deep bass hum that the engines gave which you could feel vibrate you even when standing in the terminal!

  16. 747. Really any plane that will land safely and get me to my destination. Love the ones with with nice people, no screaming babies. LOL!

  17. I was on an MD90 recently and was really impressed with how quiet and smooth it was on takeoff.

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